Essay On Why Cheerleading Is Considered A Sport

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Cheerleading should be considered a Sport Go Fight Win!!! Go Scots!! Is probably the first thought to burst into your mind when you first hear the word “cheerleader”, am I right? This is a stereotypical idea of the sport; cheerleading is one of the most demanding sports out there. It requires a lot more strength and endurance than notice but the naked eye. No one ever knows how difficult it is until they participate in it. Competition cheerleading should be considered a sport, because of the knowledge, athleticism, and intelligence it required to be a serious competitive team. First, cheerleading requires an abundant about of knowledge. There are numerous certifications that are mandatory for coaches to have just like every interscholastic …show more content…
It uses massive amounts of brainpower learn a choreographed routine. When learning a routine you are give count for everything you must do and a place you must be for the skills to flow correctly together. On top remembering where to be and what count to be there on, the athlete is tumbling, jumping, stunting, or dancing/motions. Now tell me does it sound easy? If you say, “yes that sounds easy”, here is another component to add on, everyone must be doing his or her skills on the same counts or the routine will look like Wal-Mart on Black Friday. “Is there more to it”, you say? Yes there is one last component to a routine you must remember and that is the cheer. Most times, the cheer is in the middle or beginning of the routine. For it you must remember words, motions, stunt counts, and to smile and lead the crowd. Cheerleaders must be able to obtain colossal amounts of information to execute their routine successfully. The tremendous amount of knowledge, athleticism, and intelligence it takes to be a competition cheerleader makes cheerleading a sport. Competition cheerleading is underestimated because of the stereotypical cheerleaders who do not act as if they are athletes. It is given the title not a sport because of cheerleaders cheering at football and basketball games. I believe that competition cheerleading is a sport, but not sideline

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