Personal Narrative: My Way To College

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Cheering my way to College
It was a gorgeous day out at the beginning of August, I was eight years old when I limped my way into my first day of cheer practice. But first, let me go back to what happened earlier that day. I was with all my friends playing on a swing set in my friend 's backyard, when I realized I didn 't know where my phone was. I panicked when I was on the swing, picked my tennis shoes up off the ground, and sprinted inside to get my phone. As I ran, I stepped on a huge nail in the yard, my shoes went flying, and I collapsed in the grass. I started screaming because when I took a quick look at the bottom of my foot, I saw the nail dangling from the bottom of my foot with blood on my foot and the grass. My heart was beating out my chest by the time my friend 's mom came outside to help me. Thankfully, she was a nurse and brought me into her house to get the nail out and wrap my foot up.
When my mom came, she calmly asked what happened, and my friend 's mom told her to take me to the doctor. I stared up at my mom and said "I 'm not going. I want to go to cheer practice now." It was a little stubborn of me, but I had been head over heels excited for that day to finally come. Since I was five years old and I watched gymnastics Olympics, I wanted to try to do the flips they could do and be just like them. I
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I was not thinking about my foot anymore, all I could do was stand there and look at the cheerleading gym. Once I gained some courage I opened the door to the gym and walked in. My heart sank to the floor. I stood in awe gazing straight ahead of me at girls doing doubles, front flips, whips, skills that I thought I would never be able to do. But than I got distracted by crazy cheer moms yelling at coaches and the front desk because their daughters weren 't the stars of the performance. I was praying in my head that my mom would never act like those parents

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