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The web application that we will be developing is called U-Chat (University Chat). U-Chat is a versatile chat room web service in which the users you communicate with consist of people from the same University. U-Chat can be used by a wide number of users from Universities across the US; the primary audience for this application being college students. Secondary users would include University faculty and parents.
U-Chat consists of a login page in which users can either choose to sign in, log in as a guest or sign up. Once logged on, the user is able to see the main web page housing their account picture profile under which is the primary feature--a large chat field where users may attach photos, ideas, events such as sports, extra
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Once the user is connected to the chatroom, the user will have the privilege to post, like/dislike messages and write feedback for other users. The user may also attach tags to their posts indicating the content. This data will be used by the filters to display specific content. If the user does not have an account with U-Chat, they can still view the chat messages but will have greatly restricted abilities to interact. Guest Users will not have an option to leave a comment, report a user, or post on the chat room, however they can upvote or downvote posts.
In order to gain profit from the web application, we will use Google Adsense. The advertisements will be tailored to the content specified by the aforementioned filters. These advertisements will consist of messages posted by an advertisement bot every few minutes. • An explanation of how dynamic content will be used in the application, i.e., what web pages will be generated by software, what dynamic data they will contain, and what tables or other source the data will come from
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The tables that we need are: filters, chatrooms, admins, user, logged in users, guest users, messages, cities, and universities. Each database table will play a different role for the application. In the category table we will have a list of chat rooms based on the user 's interests such as sports, news, activities, clubs, etc. The admin table will contain a hardcoded list of administrators. The user table will contain information about the users such as username, bio, avatar, password, with more possible data to be determined. The message table will store the messages posted the users and keep track of the up and down votes, as well as the filters (tags). The city table will contain the list of cities in Virginia. The University table will contain the list of universities in Virginia. Most of the data will be stored dynamically to the database such as user information, chat posts, up and down votes, etc. As we construct the tables and build the web application we will have better idea of the relationship between the tables. With the use of a well constructed database users will be able to find and identify specific interests by selecting and sorting different areas of the application (such as sorting by votes, activities and many more). As of now each table contains a primary key and has a one-to-many

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