Case Study Of Zillow. Com

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In this case study, the business of in providing real estate information to all users to its website is explored, and the use of business intelligence by in its offering to customer, and the way it uses a data mart to market its new product, are discussed. In addition, this case study includes a discussion of various characteristics of information quality as seen from Zillow’s perspective, and how Zillow is using a data-driven website.

Background of is an online web-based real estate site helping homeonwers, buyers to find and share information about real estate and mortgages. It allows users to access information anonoyoumously and free of charge, using the kinds of tools
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The database contains data and information related to the systems, including the details of the users and the transactions, while the DBMS creates, modifies, and delete data in the database, as well as maintaining access control and data security.
Zillow’s business is to provide information on real estate and mortgages. It recognizes that it needs to make its data accessible, scalable, reliable, and secure with high level of performance, and a relational database would provide the business advantages of meeting these needs, through increased flexibility, increased scalability and performance, reduced redundant information, increased information quality, and increased information security (Baltzan,
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By collecting the data attributes of homes and presenting it using a BI system, Zillow creates a unique product of a one-stop shop for home hunting, allowing home hunters to answer questions such as, where are the houses within the price range of $300,000 to $500,000? What was the rate of change of home prices in the zip code 98101? What is the range of prices for a home that has 3 bedrooms?
The data Zillow has collected help it create another unique product that matches mortgage lender with home buyers. By collecting additional attributes such as lender information and buyer profile, Zillow helps buyers find the best loan, and helps lenders get qualified leads, a win-win for all parties.
In BI, Zillow has help from Tableau Software, to better see and understand real estate data. Tableau enables Zillow’s employees to gather insights from large volumes of data on every home in the United States, allowing them to their customers (e.g. homeowners, buyers, sellers) make informed decisions faster (“Tableau helps Zillow,”

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