Examples Of Information System Briefing

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Information System Briefing
Maria Espinosa, Thomas Gordon, Vanessa Best, and Jason Lacher
November 16, 2015

Information System Briefing
This briefing will grant the ability to explain the process, selection, acquisition of an information system. Our team has provided our healthcare organization’s goals which makes a huge impact of selection process. Also, we will consider the organization’s stakeholder’s roles and how they will be impacted upon our selection and planning.
Information system is very critical and important when it comes to healthcare and can determine efficiency and production. Improving healthcare, patient safety, and cost effectiveness benefits the organization, the employees, the patients, and stakeholders.
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With the information system there will be a need for training, change of data and then new procedures for writing information. The reliance of information technology helps out in many ways for the health care systems because it makes the job much faster to complete. Everyone within the facility should be assigned a responsibility which should include, communicating a vision of the proposed product to executive management, establishing credibility to the acquisition effort, and obtaining approval to proceed. A manager responsibility would be to lead and managed staff with the information system by providing the appropriate training, track and control the project against the plan, and report to management if there is any issues with the information system because it is through feedback that we can change and improve the way we do everything in the organization. As the population of an organization grows so will the amount of data being collected, which becomes very difficult to process manually and store. Information systems can be processed with rapid speed and it allows the organization to be successful, effective and timely decision-making can take place with minimal errors. The decisions-making is based on the information we get from the stored data (Hoyt, …show more content…
This process is very crucial to a healthcare facility and will determine the effectiveness and efficiency of a facility. To decide what information system will be used the organization goals should be considered in the process and the roles of each organizations stakeholder’s play in the selection and acquisition process. We would have to consider the cost of the implementation of a new information system and the benefits of the different choices. Planning every step with full knowledge of our options will make the process most effective and guide us in the right direction for the success of the organization. Goals should be set to help us understand what it is that we want and need out of the new information system. Goals will also help us know the progress we are making when implementing a new information system, every time a goal is reach we will know how we are advancing. Important factors to consider when selecting and acquiring a new information system is the training of each employee and how that will affect the workflow as well as the financial

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