Key Characteristics Of The Payroll System

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Register to read the introduction… Which is not one of the key characteristics of a TPS?
a) Large volumes of data are processed
b) Involves extensive computation complexity
c) Data sources are mostly internal, and the output is intended mainly for internal users and trading partners
d) Involves a high level of detailed raw data 11. Generally speaking, why do organizations automate TPS data entry as much as possible?
a) To reduce labor costs
b) To be able to capture online data
c) For competitive advantage
d) To minimize errors and data entry time 12. A company’s payroll systems prepare and process the payroll data periodically, such as at the end of the work week. This type of processing is known as __________.
a) batch
b) real-time
c) online
d) data warehousing 13. In__________, data can be accessed directly from operational databases and all transactions are processed as soon as they occur.
a) batch processing
b) online analytic processing (OLAP)
c) online transaction processing (OLTP)
d) POS processing 14. First Choice Ski increased the number of Web site sales by 266%.and improved business performance after implementing __________, which enabled them to respond quickly to visitors’ clickstream behavior.
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Marketing ISs consist of __________ to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute relevant, timely, complete, and accurate data for use by marketing decision makers to improve planning, implementation, and control.
a) software and hardware
b) procedures and policies
c) people, equipment, and procedures
d) channels 25. Sales volumes of products and services are largely determined by __________, which is also a major determinant of profit.
a) price
b) advertising
c) customer service
d) e-commerce 26. Effective __________ are critical to an organization’s financial performance because fraud is easy to commit and hard to detect.
a) financial statement systems
b) auditing information systems
c) consolidated systems
d) compliance systems 27. Bernie Madoff committed a record-setting fraud scheme for many years __________ was passed to prevent financial fraud.
a) before the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
b) before the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
c) after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
d) after the Patriots Act 28. Inaccurate __________ is the number-one reason why many small businesses go bankrupt.
a) billing
b) credit management
c) cash flow projection
d) demand

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