Dataclear Case Study: Dataclear

Dataclear is a business data analytics company, based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The company was founded in 1998 by Greg McNally, a graduate of UC Berkeley, with a PhD in computer science. McNally developed his skill working as a software developer for 15 years, “at Borland and Oracle” (Case Study, para.5). DataClear established itself in a market that was wide open and offered very rapid customer and profit growth. Within the first year of operation, the company’s sales hit $2.2 million (Case Study). The current DataClear website describes the company as “a team of industry experts, business consultants, college professors, data scientists and technical architects” (DataClear, 2016). DataClear provides business advisory services, technical …show more content…
Some of those factors are the size and current capability of DataClear, the global market experience of DataClear’s leadership, and the strategic reasons for exploring global growth. All of these factors must be considered and risks mitigated through a careful, strategic plan analysis. The commentator in the case study states, “The best-run companies follow a step-by-step approach to global expansion” (Case Study, p.7). Foley also comments on the need for leadership experience. When discussing whether or not a company is ready to go global, Foley says there are four conditions that must exist. One of the four conditions Foley discusses is, “in-depth experience with the product or service” (Foley, 2004, …show more content…
Below is an example of both a domestic and international strategy statement based on the DataClear case study.
We will leverage our current market dominance, financial planning and data management expertise in order to provide first rate data collection and analytics operations for all United States based companies and their international subsidiaries. Through continual software improvement and transformation, we will assist our customers in remaining relevant, informed and ready.
As the U.S. market leader in data analytics and management, DataClear will establish global operations making our expertise and resources available to business around the world. We will offer our global partners and customers the most modern and reliable data management systems available. We will apply the same level of standards and process excellence that we established within our domestic market, ensuring that we capture lessons learned, embrace diversity and become relevant members of our global customer teams.
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