FUNPUN Application: Funny And Entertainment Applications

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FUNPUN application is a funny and entertainment application which can grab lots of fun. It consists of o Funny animated GIF’s o Take a selfie o Funny story based videos o Famous cartoon GIF’s o Halloween and Christmas banners GIF’s and videos o Can create your own video by selecting the user’s favorite song o User can be able to create own face emoji called Fomoji o Pokémon GIF’s and games of throne GIF’s and some funny promotional videos of them o Swap the face
FUNPUN application offer a one month free trial version to access. The users can be funny in this application in the online conversation.
FUNPUN application is funny and makes the life happy and improves the social media network.

Fig 1: figure illustrates the Technology of my
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The steps we need to follow for accessing this application are
• first we need to download the application from an App store, Google play store, and so on.
• We can register either using any of the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Gmail, and so on.
• We will be entering on to the main page of the application and on the left side there will be menu items where can view all the feature options and enjoy them It is preferred for all the age groups. FUNPUN application is a digital entertainment studio based.

FUNPUN Application technology
This application can connect the people with the laughter. This application is quite attractive and grasps lots of fun.
 The technologies which can be preferable for this application are o Front end- Angular JS, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, PHP o Backend- Java, Python. o Database – Oracle DB, MySQL, Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, and a couple of other system
 The Algorithms Used o backtracking o divide and conquer algorithm o pattern searching, o time complexity of
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It’s funny. The user must login into the application using the Social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, Gmail, image can be copied to clip board, image can be shared as GIF or even a video and can forward it through any of the application like what’s up, save into the cloud, google drive and so on.
The GIF or any funny images, videos can be shared on either text messenger application, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on. The user need to take a selfie, if any kind of funny expressions can add more fun in the application. We can see our self in any of the GIF image or video.
Users can share the funny images through text messages for fun and chat. They can also post in the Facebook and make fun conversation with their friends. The current technology is intended for generating dynamic, responsive web pages and all other supporting technology can offer security, allows to store the data and allows to design an effective webpage. The application software is being developed for the personal digital assistants. It can also be pre-installed on the devices at the time of manufacture time or even trial version can be deliverable using the client-side or server-side processing, called as beta testing. So, for this mobile user interface is required by considering the factors such as constraints, context, screen, input and

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