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  • Pokemon Research Paper

    A bit of Pokemon history to begin, Pokemon has been around for twenty years. Pokemon was created by Satoshi Tajiri and developed and released by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures or better known as a trio joint company Pokemon Company or Pokemon Company International. Which was not official until 1998. The first sets of games were released in Japan on February 27, 1996, under the name Pocket Monsters Red and Green for the Nintendo Game Boy. While it has been here in the United States under the name Pokemon a shorter version of the original name with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue Versions., Which came out September 30th, 1998. Preceded by the anime or Japanese cartoon, which came out on September 7th, 1998 to get kids in the United States familiar with Pokemon. Now each set of the games is called a generation followed by a roman numeral I-VII. With the next games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon or generation VII on the horizon for this November 18th, 2016. I am going to take a journey to rhetorically analyze this twentieth-anniversary commercial by explaining both the positive and negative aspects and use what the average viewer and the fan might notice. I will get the negative aspects out-of-the-way. Firstly the commercial uses a lot of jump cuts due to chopping out forty seconds of the original one minute and ten-second commercial, but it is not the commercials fault. That blame lies on the mega price tag on a thirty-second ad playing for the SUPER BOWL which is only…

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  • The Farmer's Bride Theme

    Throughout relationship poetry, many feelings and attitudes are expressed through themes such as love and family. These feelings and attitudes bring to light the good and bad character aspects in the persons portrayed in the poems. In Christina Rossetti 's "Sister Maude", the relationship between two sisters is explained. In the poem, Rossetti creates a tense relationship between the siblings with the narrator addressing her sister directly through the poem. Throughout the poem, Rossetti…

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  • Wir Sind Das Volk Analysis

    GDR writers and the people parted company when the phrase “Wir sind das Volk” (‘We are the people’) changed to a more nationalist phrase, “Wir sind ein Volk” (‘We are one people’) (Mews 4). “Wir sind ein Volk” was ironic because it reminded people that they did not have any democratic rights nor should they demand rights (ibid). “Für unser Land” (For our country) was signed by major GDR writers on November 28, 1989 (ibid). This was a plea for a socialist alternative to the FDR (ibid). Christa…

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  • Queer Culture

    the use of homosexual relationship as major commodity in a commercial-based market. While most Asian queer movies can only be shown as short films, Love of Siam, which tells the story of how two male protagonists, Mew and Tong, develop their friendship into a homosexual…

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  • Limitations In Nurse Assessment

    MEWS can be used as standardized vital sign monitoring tools (Ludikhize, Borgert, Binnekade, Subbe, Dongelman, & Goossens, 2014). As proof by the previous study, Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) does help in identified patient at risk of deterioration earlier (So, Ong, Wong , Chung, & Graham, 2015). Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) also may enhance nurses’ competency level in risk assessment as their awareness level will be increased. Besides Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS), an…

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  • Urban Legend Essay

    that elevate dogs and cats to something akin to children. Those countries that elevate the animals find that eating dogs or cats is a taboo that should not be crossed and those who do are treated with hostility and hatred. During the Olympic games held in South Korea and China, both governments had temporarily outlawed the selling of food that contained dog (Snopes, Mew Goo Guy Ding). The governments did this to appease the sensibilities of the incoming tourists, because they knew that the…

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  • Charlotte Mew's Poetic Voice

    Charlotte Mew (1869-1928) is the first selected woman poet in this study. Writing in the last decade of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth, Mew’s poetry straddles the fin de siècle and early modernist periods. Thus Victorian and feminist approaches are used in examining her poetry. Mew's poetic voice is an integral link in women's writing from the end of the nineteenth century into the first two decades of the twentieth century in that it enables contemporary…

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  • Khubilai Khan Mongol Empire

    (Rossabi, pg. 13). In fact, Khubilai loved hunting so much that he moved the capital of Mongolia to Ta-tu, modern day Beijing, and in 1272 Khubilai Khan establishes Xanadu as a hunting preserve. Marco Polo actually describes Xanadu as a “Palace wall is built, inclosing a compass of 16 miles, and inside the Park there are fountains and rivers and brooks, and beautiful meadows with all kinds of wild animals (excluding such as are of ferocious nature), which the Emperor has procured and placed…

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  • Chanel

    the land. Distinguishing an object as a chattel or a fixture is highly fact-dependent and while the degree of annexation remains a vital component, the second element of the test has come to dominate the debate. In Elitestone v Morris, Lord Lloyd states that a house constructed to be removable, either as a unit or in sections, may remain a chattel but that if the house was constructed in such a way that it cannot be removed, save for destruction, it could not have been intended to remain a…

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  • Objectification In Great Expectations

    The persona of Havisham lacks stability and the relationship in ‘Quickdraw’ is whimsical and fast-paced, emphasised by the two lines: “you ring, quickdraw, your voice a pellet in my ear, and hear me groan”. These erratic verses are followed by the crux of the poem, cleverly disguised by Duffy through the use of enjambment. If lines 5 and 9 are put together, they read “you’ve wounded me through the heart”. This ingenious manipulation of structure intensifies the meaning of the poem and makes us…

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