PECOM Case Study

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The U.S. military plays an instrumental supporting role in strategic communication, primarily through information operations, public affairs, visual information, and defense support to public diplomacy. The PECOM and especially the case of Philippines, where they actively engage with Philippine’s military and civilians should be focused maintaining support of the relevant population to the US mission and the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty. Therefore, an effective IO based on synchronization of important themes, messages, images, and activities with other nonlethal and lethal operations to inform and influence Pippin 's in support of US national interests should be part of the IO of the PECOM.

The expected outcome of this IO and PD
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military provides necessary security to the Philippines. Meanwhile, the us army presence in the region has guaranteed the sovereignty of the nation. One of the critics of the President Duterte, is the increased threat of Chinses in the South China Sea and he demanded US reaction to the expansion of Chines in the region, but the US has not responded to his demand. There is no need of any force escalation against Duterte’s regime because Philippine is a close US ally, but the situation is concerning and requires an immediate response. So welcoming his call for further support and close follow-up of the above-mentioned agreement is …show more content…
Meanwhile, the PCOM should intensify its cooperation with Philippine military and continue its efforts of training and advise the Philippine military. President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to reduce purchases of U.S. weapons and will look for alternatives in Russian and Chinese. Therefore, the DOS is another actor, who should resume negotiations about the arm sells and should block any possible deal with China and Russia.

While we will shrink our military presence in other parts of the world, so we have enough resources, and there is no need for any further resources, but to properly channel the resources to Philippine.

The advantage of power projection and engagement will not only assure President Duterte, but it assures Filipinos that the US will not abandon its ally. Meanwhile, it will send a message to China that the US will secure its strategic interest in the region and it will not allow China to threaten the US interest.

Increasing US personnel in the area may also provoke terrorists and insurgents, and it may increase terrorist attack in Philippine. To mitigate threats to the US Personals as well as for the local people posed by the insurgents and PLA, there has to be a balance of overt and covert activities in the

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