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  • The Story Of A Year Analysis

    James, Henry. “The Story of a Year.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, Accessed 4 Sept. 2017. Henry James is a renowned author who wrote about the transatlantic culture. His main theme is about the clash between the naive energy of the New World against the old degradation of the Old World. His ideas can be seen in “The Story of a Year,” which is a short story about John Ford and his fiancee Lizzie Crowe. After being engaged, John leaves to participate in the Civil War. During the time that John is absent, the narrative focuses on Lizzie, who begins to conceive doubts about her engagement. She meets another man named Mr. Bruce and falls into a relationship with him.…

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  • What Is My First Impression Essay

    no one did. Keondrane’ and Kei’Amber chose to leave Destiny and go back to their house, hopefully, she would show up in the morning. The girls are halfway home and are furious at the fact that Destiny is nowhere to be found. Kei’Amber hears her phone going off and when she looks at her phone sees that the call is from the police station. Both of the girls were confused, because they left the party before the cops started arresting people. Kei’Amber answers her phone and puts it on speaker, they…

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  • School Year Short Story

    It’s the last day of the school year! The kids and teachers could not be happier! It’s the begging of the summer of “1991” the best decade people say, the 90s. I lived in San Jose ca. You did it, you graduated kindergarten! Moving on up too first grade. It was time to celebrate. Mom and dad say; let’s go to Red Lobster. Sitting outside on the wooden benches, waiting for the table to be ready. That’s by the big lobster tank. The lobsters swimming around in it just waiting for the next person to…

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  • Creative Story: Five Years Since He Doing Here?

    What the hell is he doing here?! Five years. Five years since we last spoke. Five years since he last said my name. Five years since he broke off a relationship that was undeniably love. At least, that is what I told myself before he shattered my heart and left me to decompose on the ground beneath him. Five years, and I spent every second of it trying to piece myself together, trying to revitalize the poisoned ruins he so kindly rampaged through. I only recovered from these injuries a year…

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  • Analysis Of Love In The Time Of Cholera By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    elements in his stories. Marquez uses different elements of magical realism in order to form a story that addresses different aspect that is most difficult and meaningful to the real world. In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel, Love in the Time of Cholera magical realism is quite used in some elements. Love in the Time of Cholera could be argued as a magical realism novel in some way not completely. It has those aspects that are related to magical realism in a way. Through these different aspects…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Bernard Mallamud's The First Seven Years

    Feld, the father of his only child, nineteen-year-old Miriam, discovered that his employee, Sobel, had all along loved Miriam. Her father had hoped strongly that she would either go to college or marry a man higher in the social class—not an uneducated employee of a shoemaker. Bernard Malamud’s “The First Seven Years” takes place in the mid-1900s. In this story, Feld tried to match up a college boy and Miriam together. Unfortunately for him, his plan failed. Later on in the story, Miriam’s…

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  • Analysis Of Robert F. Yeager's Poem 'Beowulf'

    Robert F. Yeager generates interest in the poem Beowulf by describing the mystery that surrounds its origin, the way the story influenced others, and how the story connects people to their ancestors. 2. Mystery of Origin Written over one thousand years ago by two anonymous authors Original manuscript was small, w/o illumination (written by a journeyman) No one knows where it was for five hundred years after it was written Was saved from the dissolving of the libraries Survived a fire Why it is…

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  • All Summer In A Day: Compare And Contrast

    In the short story “All Summer in a Day” and the movie version there were some similarities. In both the short story and the movie, William is mean to Margot throughout the story. The short story says, “‘What’re you looking at?’ said William. Margot said nothing. ‘Speak when you’re spoken to.’ He gave her a shove.” Likewise, in the movie, William was yelling at Margot to get into the sunlamps. Then, Margot asks William why he hates her so much and he said, “Because you're such a know-it-all.”…

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  • The Psychological Subgenre In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

    the capacity to create scare or frighten their readers. This genre popularity increased in incredible ways in the last couple of years with the development of the movies and television industries. This genre such as in a movie or in a book has incredible popularity and grabs the attention of a big number of audience Some enjoy that adrenaline feeling, being in danger, expecting the unknown, death, all the feelings and more people experiences at the moment of reading or watching horror, some of…

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  • The Open Window Short Story

    Saki, the author, had a life rich in cultural variety and life experiences. This is why we find his short stories spontaneous and unpredictable. "The Open Window" is not the exception, it is important to read and understand the last sentence of this story. It is there that we understand the whole story and we notice that there were no real ghosts, which was the cause of Mr. Nuttel, the main character, to sprint out of the house. The big question unanswered in the story is Why did Vera made up…

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