Adapting Successfully Essay

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Human beings are absolutely amazing. We as humans are, for the most part, very good at adapting quickly to the situations we are in. For example, a family from my church who has lived here in the United States for their entire lives just picked up and moved to Sierra Leone, Africa. Although difficult at times, they have been able to adapt to their new lifestyle fairly quickly. But when given circumstances such as population growth, innovation, natural events, and human events, can humans still adapt successfully? I believe wholeheartedly that a person can learn all that is necessary to be an independent and responsible member of the culture before he or she dies. The world changes extremely fast and it seems as more and more time goes on, …show more content…
This is because the population of the world increases every single day. The problem with this is, the world is not getting any bigger. There is already a large number of people who can’t become independent and responsible members of the culture because of a shortage of resources like food, water, and shelter. This number will only increase with the population growth. However, with the population growth comes adaptation. This is true on a smaller scale and a larger one. For example, my parents made up a family of two before they had children. Then all of a sudden one day that family of two became a family of five when my brother, sister and I were born. Despite this population growth in the family, my parents adapted to the change and still were able to be independent and responsible members of the culture. On a larger scale, this fact gets a little trickier. The way I see it, when the overall population grows, the potential for new inventions and discoveries increases. In the future, there could be an invention so people could live in the sea. That seems far-fetched now, but the cell phone seemed far-fetched back in the 1800’s

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