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  • Analysis Of Chipotle Crisis

    beloved Mexican eateries, Chipotle Mexican Grill face one of the greatest threats to its reputation, with its second outbreak of E. coli in November 2016 until February 2016. E. coli infiltrated their restaurant locations, contributing to the illness of hundreds of patrons all across the United States. In December 2015, Chipotle came under fire when the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) reported the existence of E. coli in their restaurants. Reports of five people falling ill after dining at Chipotle were revealed spanning across three states: one case found in North Dakota, one in Kansas, and three victims in Oklahoma. As the second E. coli outbreak faced by Chipotle, and only one of the many foodborne outbreaks the chain has reported this year, they have weary patrons running out of the door. For a company who prides themselves on providing their consumers with nutritious and delicious food at an affordable cost, Chipotle’s E. coli controversy continues to occupy the media’s hot seat A crisis is defined as a significant threat to operations that can have negative consequences, if not managed appropriately by the affected individual or organization. In his work Best Practices in Crisis Communication, author Matthew Seeger brings forth ten best practices that institutions should apply to achieve effective communication when a crisis does occur (Seeger, 2006). Of these practices three were executed quite effectively by Chipotle in response to the public reaction to the crisis.…

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  • Importance Of Cyber War

    wanted to take revenge of StuxNet operation, and China wanted to cause more problems to the US to become advantageous in international and regional conflicts such as South China Sea case. Russia, Iran, and China were conducting numerous and various cyber-attacks against the US. These countries used state and non-state actors to carry on their cyber operations. Sheer number and type of cyber-attacks will take too long to mention, that is why; I will just note the significant ones. Russia’s…

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  • Cerrvena Striploin Case Study

    standards. The Carven brand has a strong emphasis on quality and this quality will be upheld in the striploin. 2.2.2 Quality specification The strict stands to ensure quality are, deer raised without the use of growth promoting steroids or hormones, under three years of aged, and transported and processed in accordance’s with the requirements of Cervena’s quality assured standards (Cervena , 2016) The Striploin will also meet the 10 quality characteristics of Cervena Venison − Consistent −…

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  • Case Study: Bridge Meeting

    out welcoming / introducing the client to Bridge. 2.5. If a client failed to honour his obligations, he / she will be handed over to legal recoveries immediately. 2.6. Mari will assist in the wording (script) of the SMS’s and email. 3. Amourie Wagener is busy changing the business rules to ensure that the recoveries DATA is more accurate, and therefore reducing the high number in disputes. 4. Lead Providers: Charmaine explained the fee structure to all. 4.1. IF only leads are supplied, 5%…

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  • Government Censorship

    rights). For the last 7 years, the approach in Russia has been fluctuating repeatedly. In 2010 Russian Supreme Court ruled that media companies aren’t responsible for comments posted on their websites as long as they weren’t duly instructed to remove the content by government authorities.⁠2 The commitment to rather broad intermediary immunity was also articulated by President Dmitriy Medvedev, who, in a speech in April 2011, urged Parliament to adopt measures to this effect in order for…

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  • Advance Directives (AD) Education Program Methodology Paper

    Americans as the largest group making this area an ideal location for the AD educational initiative. Historically, the church is the cultural epicenter of African American communities; therefore, New Life Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church at 7800 West Bellfort in Houston, Texas was an ideal setting. New Life SDA has served its congregation and the Brays Oaks community for over twenty years. The vast majority of this church’s members self identify as being either African American or of…

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  • David Rothkopf's View Of How Fear Drives American Politics

    In Rothkopf’s words these were constructive responses to fear. These things in his opinion go to prove that some of our most valuable advances in the last 100 years have come in response of fear. The reverse side of his speech is that sometimes fear can also create an unconstructive response. In his argument for this he sites our governments response to the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. To quote Rothkopf, “ Nineteen guys took over four airplanes, and flew them into a couple of…

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  • Case Study: J & J Enhanced Valuation Of Johnson And Johnson

    sales by the end of 2017, which is mainly due to the enhanced product pipelines recently. According to the historical performance, this conservative growth will decline because of the appearance of biosimilar and market saturation. Therefore, after 2017, this model assume J&J will maintain its 5-year average sales growth of 2.71% which is below the industry average growth. Also, some of important patents and approvals will expire by the beginning of 2018. After discounting the per share value,…

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  • Animals Rule Chernobyl

    Chernobyl is a perfect example of the problems we face in our futures need for energy. National Geographic did a story on the wildlife of Chernobyl 30 years after the deadliest nuclear disaster in history in the article titled “Animals Rule Chernobyl 30 Years after Nuclear Disaster”. This article discusses the debate amid biologists regarding the number count and health of the animals within the exclusion zone of Chernobyl. Some researchers believe that the population levels of Chernobyl have…

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  • Moral Justice Reflective Report

    motivated me to do things I would have never have done previously, like participate in an all-campus walk-outall campus walk out or stand with my Muslim peers as they joined together in prayer. This opportunity for growing my moral character was only enhanced by my weekly discussions and journals with my section. My peers comprised a cross section of the University, many of whom I would not have otherwise engaged with of which I do not usually engage with. Their stories and passions about some…

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