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  • King Lear Character Analysis

    criticism, Goneril also asks that Lear reduces his number of knights:      “A little to disquantity your train,      And the reminders that shall still depend      To be such men as may besort your age,      Which know themselves and you.'; (I, iv, 245-249) All that is left of Lear is his knights, and yet Goneril decides to strips his away from him as well. This is like stripping away his title as king. Without his entourage, Lear would have nothing left. Goneril’s lack of compassion is also shown.      Lear, broken-hearted, turns to his other daughter Regan for shelter instead. Yet he is in for another disappointment. Regan, having received the letter from Goneril, departed for Gloucester’s castle, cruelly deciding not to be at home when Lear came to visit:      “Our father he hath writ, so hath our sister,      Of differences, which I best thought it fit      To answer from our home.'; (I, iv,…

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  • Tragic Character Of Lear

    Lear was a character that incorporated an abundance of negative traits. Above all, Lear’s fatal flaw, which was anger, was the characteristic that enormously contributed to the tragic ending of the story. Throughout the play, he only cared about satisfying his own needs and getting what he desired. He was too old to learn. Firstly, at the beginning, Lear created a sick love contest, where his daughters had to express their love for their father in front of the whole kingdom. The daughter that…

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  • Critique Of King Lear

    The Connecticut Repertory Theatre’s production of King Lear was an exemplary work of art and was personally enjoyed. It is a show about betrayal, love, and tragedy amongst several different characters. King Lear has proven to be a complex, yet dramatic performance. Even though I already had a basic knowledge of this distinguished Shakespearean play, watching a live performance only improved the brilliance of the play. There are many factors that goes into producing a successful show that helps…

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  • Manipulation In King Lear

    In the very first scene of the play the idea of one having control over one's own fate is evident through the contrasting actions of Cordelia's to those of Goneril and Regans. In Act one scene one of the play King Lear decides to give control of his kingdom to his daughters with each daughter receiving a third of the kingdom. The kings’ only catch being that each of his daughters has to profess their love for him in order to receive their share of the kingdom. Lears two eldest daughters Goneril…

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  • Carelessness And Foolishness In Shakespeare's King Lear

    King Lear is a story of the consequences caused by the foolish decisions of the main character. His other flaw, arrogance, contributes to his ignorance. He is carelessness in making decisions causes him to make ignorant choices. The king believes only what appeals to him and nothing less. When his daughter tells him how she feels, he quickly begins to make choices that are full of mistakes. Kent states, Reserve thy state,/And in thy best consideration check/This hideous rashness. Answer my…

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  • The Role Of Hamartia In Shakespeare's King Lear

    external forces leading to his or her downfall. William Shakespeare’s King Lear paints the picture of a man whose hamartia causes his life and very identity to crumble around him. Set in medieval Britain, the play tells the story of Lear, the ruler of Britain, who gives up his power to two daughters, Regan and Goneril, who profess to love him, and banishes a third, Cordelia, who tells him she loves him according to her familial bond with him. Many factors bring about this basic premise of the…

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  • The Role Of Regan And Goneril In Shakespeare's King Lear

    play King Lear. This paper will examine the actions and attitudes of King Lear’s two eldest daughters, Regan and Goneril, in relation to natural/divine law or man’s law. King Lear creates a contest of affection amongst his daughters and their husbands. Both older daughters show reflective characteristics of their father and build on the seeds of unworthiness he has sown in their hearts and minds. Lear creates a contest of affection between Regan, Goneril, and Cordelia which results in the…

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  • Theme Of Betrayal In King Lear

    Several of Shakespeare’s tragedies depict the theme of betrayal within a family. King Lear is an example of one of Shakespeare’s tragedies that does just that. In the play, there is betrayal within Lear’s family and it takes Lear retiring to bring out the malicious side of everyone. At the beginning of the play, Lear had a sense of home, but not so much when he decides to retire. Lear’s home does not seem so much like a home after all; it is a place, not a home, filled with selfish people who…

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  • Examples Of Loyalty In King Lear

    King Lear - Who is truly loyal? Shakespeare’s King Lear is a play that provokes discussion about the characters. The characters in this play behave in ways that cannot be static. It is simple to see that Shakespeare puts emphasis on loyalty, the biggest theme in the play. In King Lear, Shakespeare shows that being loyal is harder than being treacherous. Cordelia and Kent are the most notably loyal characters. In return for their loyalty, Kent is banished from the country, “Thus Kent, O…

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  • Figurative Blindness In King Lear

    writing. This was the year in which two of Shakespeare’s best-known plays were crafted: Macbeth and, the subject of this notebook, King Lear. The latter play tells the story of the titular King Lear, who at the start of the play demands declarations of love from his three daughters (Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia), that he might divide the kingdom among them based on their devotion to him. When Cordelia refuses to rise to her father’s…

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