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  • Reflective Essay: A Critique Of My Speech

    effort to make sure that I was fluctuating my voice as much as possible because I did not want to have a monotone voice. However, I noticed that towards the end of my speech, I started to sound less enthusiastic about my topic, which made the pitch of my voice go down, making the last two points of my speech very boring. The rate at which I gave my speech was nearly perfect at the beginning and I believe that this was the case because I knew what I was going to say and did not have to refer to my notes that often. But when I reached the part about the kinesthetic learner, I began to slow down and refer to my notes many more times than I had done previously. In doing so, my speech became choppier and you could tell that I was not as well informed about the last two learners, as I was about the first two learners. The amount of pauses in my speech are very distracting. For example when talking about reading/writing learners, I say the following: *looking at my notes with a two second pause* “um”…

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  • Visual Learners

    visual learners verbal learners and bodily-kinesthetic. Those are the types of learning that I find are the most interestin, well I was reading some of the ideas from Howard Gardner it open my eyes to the vast amount of ways to learn that kids implicate in their day-to-day lives. It is very fascinating because it 's like a computer that needs different types of software to run the same way. That in turn makes it very difficult for teachers to teach every student the same especially when they…

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  • Online Learners

    As an online learner, aiming to be a professional Psychologist (ideally with vulnerable young people), I have learnt that it is still possible to interact with other colleagues and be able to discuss our ambitions, goals and experiences. I’ll be completely honest at the start of this week 1 I was very unsure about online learning it was all very new and scary to me. I’m not the very best with computers to top it off however I know all the basics but that didn’t really help with my struggle to…

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  • Kiesthetic Learners

    will reach the kinesthetic learner as well. There is a large bank of interactive tools online that teachers can take advantage of to reach the learners that need to do or create in order to learn. “Using multimedia technology offers opportunities for individualized instructions in a classroom with learners of a new language at various skill levels and different learning styles, therefore making effective use of instructions time” (D. Hollenbeck & J. Hollenbeck , 2009). Teachers can even use…

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  • Online Learner

    a. As an online learner, with an aim to be a professional in the field of Business Accounting, I have learned the following: The skills and attributes I need to be successful with my future career are, while a university degree gives practical and technical skills that are absolute necessary for my accounting career, I need to develop excellent communication skills, become a creative and critical thinker with the ability to collaborate and work well with others in the company matrix, with the…

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  • Learners With Exceptionalities

    Whether we want to admit it or not, education is the root of life. Everything we say and do involves some sort of education. Education does not discriminate anyone for their abilities nor their disabilities, but it is accepting of all types of learners. Since this is true, why must people look down upon those with different learning styles than them, specifically the learners with exceptionalities? Children with learning exceptionalities deserve better treatment in our society. Sometimes, they…

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  • Learner Centred Approach

    A learner centred approach (LCA) is a method of training which attempts to involve learners in the learning process (Le-Ha, 2014). Both what is learnt and the way in which it is learnt is therefore shaped by the learners’ needs, interests and capacities (Le-Ha, 2014). In addition to enabling effective learning, the aim of this approach is to develop vital skills such as critical thinking and problem solving (Coetzee, 2013). This essay will argue that the implementation of this technique will…

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  • Engaging Diverse Learners

    The following essay will highlight and discuss the importance of recognizing the range of diverse learners groups, using updated instructional strategies to engage this diverse population, and recognizing how conducting and understanding research can help educators with professional goals. Additionally, there will be a discussion of the presence and importance of multicultural education in the multicultural classroom, diverse learner characteristics and differentiated instruction, as well as…

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  • Gifted Learner Analysis

    3.0 Gifted Learner: 3.1 Who is a gifted learner? When describing young gifted children there is no definition that best describes them. However, gifted children by definition are, “Children who give evidence of high-performance capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership capacity, or specific academic fields, and who require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop such capabilities.” 3.2 How does the gifted learner’s…

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  • Autonomous Learner Analysis

    I myself have found this shift of learning very difficult as I learn best while listening and watching others. Looking at the “Seven Characteristics of Autonomous Learners” I can quickly pick out my weakness. The sixth characteristic really stood out to me, “Autonomous learners us effective learning strategies and adapt those strategies to new situations”, I believe that everyone learns differently and that means everyone has different studying techniques that they use to ensure success, but…

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