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  • Universal Design For Learning Principles And Co-Teaching Strategies

    Reflection of Class Lesson The teaching methods that I used in my lesson incorporated a variety of the Universal Design for Learning Principles and co-teaching strategies, which supported all of the students in the classroom, including students with disabilities and exceptionalities. As a means for engagement, I explained in my warm-up why learning root words is important for the students’ future lives, which relates the material to real life situations that they can relate to in their own circumstances (National Center on UDL, 2016). During the PowerPoint portion of the lesson, I called upon students by using a randomizer to actively operate the white board, which engages them by interacting with me, the mentor teacher, and their peers in…

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  • Teaching And Learning Plan

    Introduction This paper will show how I was able to build upon skills that I have gained throughout this program to develop, implement and evaluate a teaching in learning plan. For this project I will identify my population of learns, what characteristics are important to these learners and how I was able to evaluate the effectives of the teaching and learning plan. Planning Process For this project, my teaching and learning plan was developed for a group of learners that returned to school to…

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  • Active Teaching And Learning Essay

    Course Pre-Assessment DIRECTIONS: Answer the 5 questions about Powerful & Purposeful social studies teaching and learning. Powerful & Purposeful Teaching and Learning What does ACTIVE teaching and learning mean to you? Active teaching and learning means that I have to teach students engaging lessons that they want to learn about and participate in. The students need to participate in the learning process while showing their ability to collaborate with other students. The teacher also…

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  • Importance Of Teaching And Learning Strategies

    |generally independent and have their own ways of learning the First Aid course. | | | |Therefore the following teaching and learning strategies are used to meet the learner’s needs. | |Visual -Videos/DVD, handouts, and…

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  • Importance Of Computer In Teaching And Learning

    computer in teaching and learning has changed the learning experience dramatically. With the evolution of the educational technology, computer-assisted teaching has huge impact on the learning style and the role of teacher and students. More researchers arm to construct a system which can provide education with higher quality. As a result of applying the principle of artificial intelligence(AI), intelligent tutoring system(ITS) has appeared. The development of ITS is still an ongoing project.…

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  • Reflection On Teaching And Learning Using Experiential Learning

    repair my writing skills, she still managed to completely reconstruct my way of thinking toward grammar and writing and even my perspective of life. Memorable and Distinctive Elements I, personally, retain the least amount of information when instructed by way of long traditional lectures. Thankfully, Professor Hutchins exerted multiple methods of teaching. One of the elements she used was a discussion form of lecturing. She created an open yet professional atmosphere for questions and…

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  • Reflection Of Reflections On Teaching And Learning

    Reflections on Teaching & Learning: Your Lesson Evaluation should include EACH of the following: Decisions about the plan • Why did you choose to use these specific teaching strategies? I felt that an inquiry-based strategy would be beneficial to the students, because I wanted to allow them to make their own hypothesis and then conduct experiments making their own observations before providing them with information and details. This allowed them to make personal connections with what they…

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  • Backwash Effects On Teaching And Learning Essay

    Teaching is a process and it involves many factors in the teaching and learning process. The important factors which influence teaching learning process are- motivation and needs of the learner, classroom environment, teacher knowledge, teaching aids, administration, testing or examination, etc. Testing is a very essential aspect which can affect positively or negatively the teaching/learning process. Though testing is widely used around the world for different purposes, the aspect of testing in…

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  • Teaching And Learning Models Of EMI Policy

    need to be discovered under the content teachers’ beliefs and practices regarding EMI policy and EMI approach at HUSO, KKU. To bridge the gap, the study on teaching and learning models of EMI based on teachers’ beliefs and practices needs to be conducted in order distribute new knowledge of this area. Thus, it is worth conducting future research, which is covering those aspects with clear…

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  • Personal Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning Essay

    A personal philosophy of teaching and learning in the learning areas of English. The following essay will look at how English plays an integral and fundamental role in the education of the New Zealand students. English is threaded throughout all areas of the New Zealand Curriculum, therefore as educator is is critical that we get it right. The content of senior English Teaching According to the Senior English Curriculum Guide (2012) English is about connecting with others and their ideas,…

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