Evaluating A Teaching Learning Plan

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This paper will show how I was able to build upon skills that I have gained throughout this program to develop, implement and evaluate a teaching in learning plan. For this project I will identify my population of learns, what characteristics are important to these learners and how I was able to evaluate the effectives of the teaching and learning plan.
Planning Process
For this project, my teaching and learning plan was developed for a group of learners that returned to school to gain a skill for their employer. They are learning to become medication mangers. The class is designed for certified nursing assistants to gain the skill to pass medications safely. It is a certificate program, which runs for seven weeks plus a four week clinical. After the clinical the students return to class for a final review session then they take a state developed certification exam. Once they pass this exam they are then able to safely pass medications at their places of employment. For many this is in long term care setting. In order to develop an effective teaching a learning plan, it is important to understand the characteristics the learners. This is a group of twenty two learners that contains eight males and fourteen females. They are approximately 21 to 55 years of age. The breakdown is approximately 17 in the age group 21 to 40. This group is identified by Bastable as” the Young adulthood stage” (Bastable, 2014 pg.171). The Group of five, is identified as

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