Universal Design For Learning Principles And Co-Teaching Strategies

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Reflection of Class Lesson The teaching methods that I used in my lesson incorporated a variety of the Universal Design for Learning Principles and co-teaching strategies, which supported all of the students in the classroom, including students with disabilities and exceptionalities. As a means for engagement, I explained in my warm-up why learning root words is important for the students’ future lives, which relates the material to real life situations that they can relate to in their own circumstances (National Center on UDL, 2016). During the PowerPoint portion of the lesson, I called upon students by using a randomizer to actively operate the white board, which engages them by interacting with me, the mentor teacher, and their peers in …show more content…
This was a formative assessment, which allowed me to adjust my pace if needed and check-in with study because I required a response from all of them. As an assessment for the lesson as a whole, the poster activity not only included a writing element, but contained a drawing element that allowed students to express themselves in a visual format as well as in a textual response. This will enable struggling readers to participate in a meaningful manner in the group work because they will not feel limited in their creativity with only using textual evidence of their comprehension. Furthermore, students were able to verbally express their understanding of the assignment by explaining about their inventions to their classroom peers. Also, the instructions provided clear guidelines and an evaluation rubric for this activity was provided on the activity sheet in order for the students to not only hear my instructions when I explained them, but they had it in writing as well (National Center for UDL, …show more content…
244). By pointing out previous discussions, this helped the students to remember background knowledge, which gave them the ability to apply it to the lesson I was conducting. Additionally, I referred to her for guidance in the lesson plan and final approval of the activity rubric, which is a key element to team teaching. She also provided valuable feedback after my lesson. One of the things that I was not aware of during my lesson is that I need to find my voice and assert myself more forcibly with the class. I think that once I have more experience teaching lessons in front of the class, my confidence will build and I will become more assertive naturally. Another issue that I realized during the lesson was that I was focused on the struggling students and failed to consider the student(s) who needed additional engagement that differentiated from the lesson I was conducting. Luckily, I was able to create an activity for the exceptional student that kept him as a part of the class discussion and engaged him the rest of the class period. Overall, this was a positive teaching experience and I feel fortunate that I was placed in a class with hardworking students and an encouraging mentor

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