The Three Most Important Things I Learned In This Class

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1. For me, the three most important things I learned in this class was to pay more attention to the behaviors obtained and expressed by children, I learned more information on the various ways that a teacher can adapt and accommodate the special needs their students might need in order to be successful in their learning outcomes, and finally I learned how important it is for teachers to take the extra time to learn about the different cultures their students come from, whether it be by participating in cultural events, reading some books, or finding additional ways to immerse themselves in it.
2. To implement the above practices into my classroom, I will be sure to interact constantly with my students and their families, always trying to learn
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6. This question, like question 4, is hard for me to answer because I don’t feel that there was a teaching strategy that was non-helpful. The weekly discussions were great and I enjoyed being able to conduct my responses as like a letter written to the ‘teacher’. I took my peers responses to my post very seriously and tried to understand their point of view. Again, I thought all assignments were beneficial to my learning and I feel like I have learned a great deal of information.
7. I wouldn’t provide you with any suggestions to make the class better as I feel that you have already met the criteria for a great class. The discussions, group work and individual assignments have all been informative and I have spent a lot of time working on each of these assignments. The textbook was also very helpful and supplied me with a great read on all the information. I feel like I have learned a great deal in this class and have an appreciation for Educational Psychology. Not only does it teach me a lot about the future students I will teach, but it also taught/reminded me things about myself and the type of behavior I need to model for my
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The most helpful things you did as an instructor was send us emails to remind of things coming up, you were very flexible in allowing me to work at a pace that was suited best during my current situation with my mom, you provided us with a fair amount of time to complete our coursework, and you supplied us with many course tools and additional information that would help us better understand the topic at hand.
9. Based on the Teacher Performance Expectation, I learned a lot about the behavior that I will need to conduct in the classroom as far as being very professional, being a good role model for my students, and finding various ways to teach the curriculum to my students. I also learned a lot about the different teaching methods such as, indirective, directive, and meditating. I learned how I would need to explain the curriculum to the students, how I would assess their learning and whether they are understanding or not, and then provide them with independent work time to practice what they have

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