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  • Sufferen Collaborative Learning Methods

    Collaborative Learning Sarath Chandra Madala (Author) line 1 (of Affiliation): dept. name of organization University of Houston clear lake Houston, US Abstract— To determine the best way of learning among the students, we will have some insight into some learning methods and determine the best learning methods. We found that learning in groups enhances critical thinking among the individuals of the group as well as their team skills. Hence, it is suggested that learning in groups(collaborative learning) is one of the best ways of learning. Keywords—collaborative learning; group studying; learning, critical thinking; I. INTRODUCTION Learning is the process of acquiring a new knowledge or skill. Humans learn many things during their existence, mostly, as a student one has to learn a lot of things at school. Therefore, learning plays a vital role for the students. Most students find it difficult to the knowledge of what was thought in the class which results in poor grades. So, what if the students find an interesting way of learning. Hence, the effective way of learning among the students has to be determined so that they can gain the knowledge without much difficulty. In this paper we will discuss all about…

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  • Reflection: Multiple Methods Of Aural Learning

    multiple methods, such as visual and aural. People have different strategies to help them understand and remember information. These tend to be grouped into the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic categories. I rely on several strategies to help me learn. First, I always make flashcards after reading chapters from books or after lectures. Even if I do not have time to study from them, simply writing out the definitions, dates, or names helps me to remember them. I use different colored cards for…

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  • Montessori Learning Method

    middle school, what were your biggest worries? Was it would you pass the next test, or was it did the person next to you like you? What if you did not have to worry about that aspect of school? An alternative method of learning would eliminate the anxiety of the everyday classroom environment. Maria Montessori, Edward Harkness, and Rudolf Steiner where truly revolutionary with each their own alternative method of teaching students in middle school that has changed the ways of teaching children…

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  • Explain The Different Methods Of Listening And Learning Language For Children And Young People

    Help children to make listening and learning language easier for them by following some simple guidelines:  Position yourself face to face as you play and talk with them. This makes it easier for them to see when you are talking, and to shift their attention back and forth between their activity and your face. Being able to see your face also allows the child to use your facial expressions and lip patterns to help them understand your words.  Make sure you have the child’s attention each time…

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  • Individual Learning Style Analysis

    ways of training of a competent specialist is tailored to the individual learning style of each student. Although, standard types of learning bring in our life 's many issues, because we cannot recognise the individual characteristics of each learner; however, when knowing his/ her own learning style, a student is more likely to assimilate better in the classroom and achieve his/ her learning goals. Learning styles is in fact a debatable article in literature, educationalists…

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  • Differentiate Teaching Vs Station Teaching Research

    and Station Teaching models are two very effective teaching methods. They are also very similar methods as well, they both are using different learning styles to teach the students. Differentiate instruction is a method of designing and delivering instruction to best reach each students in the classroom. Station teaching is a co-teaching method between the teacher and the students. Each station the students will learn about the content from their classmates. They both use different learning…

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  • Importance Of Integrated Assessment In The Learning Process

    One of the important components of teaching learning process is assessment. Assessment is necessary to gauge the competence and proficiency the learner has acquired during the learning process. Assessment / evaluation is an ongoing process and since it is a continuous process it should not be used as mere method or an annual summary for accountability purpose in fact it shouldprovide meaningful link and feedback to both teachers and students. There has been a wide chasm between assessment and…

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  • VAK Learning Style

    today's society learning styles are a lot more prevalent and held with a higher level of importance in all aspects of learning; as people have recognised everyone is different and have their own unique way of completing tasks. The two learning styles I will critically compare and evaluate whilst applying it to studying business are: The VAK learning style(Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic) by Nick Fleming and Honey and Mumford learning style based on the work of Kolb. VAK The VAK method is…

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  • Heutagogy Theory In Adult Learning

    incorporated heutagogy learning in higher education. Knowles pedagogy theory is designed to teach kids and young adults in a formal educational setting. Andragogy theory is generally used in adult learning. This theory identifies adults as being more self-directed with little supervision from an instructor or facilitator. Furthermore the advantage of andragogy concept is for adults to transform from being dependent student into self-directed learner. As adults, we are prepared to learn, drawing…

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  • How Does Standardized Testing Work

    Standardized Testing: Does It Work? Discovering one unique learning technique is a key element in the success of one’s education; however in today’s modern education system very little has changed that will allow students to demonstrate what they have learned utilizing different techniques to excel. Not everyone learns things the same way, some can read a textbook and are able to comprehend the subject matter. Others learn from a video or watching programs designed to educate on the subject…

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