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  • Developing A Learning Community Essay

    Children learn and develop best when they are part of a community of learners this means a community in which all participants care about each other and learning is constructed in a collaborative process. Learning communities allow children to learn not just academically, but to learn about culture, diversity, inclusion, language, resolution to conflict, self-regulation and help foster their own identity in relation to the community. To develop a learning community the teacher should create an environment that is engaging, provide space for group play and collaborative play, structure the curriculum for flexibility, student’s interest, play schemes they see present, and take a bystander approach in class management.to help build social relationships a teacher should allow children to resolve their own conflicts, learn from others opinions, form their own judgements and opinions, and learn through their interaction with peers. A teacher should model positively how to respond to conflict, present choices for other opinions to be shown, have an openness to every…

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  • Community Learning Reflective Report

    learnt so much about community learning for social justice through the application of adult education principles and activities. I have previously taken an Adult Education class with Jennifer Chan where we learned about institutions of Adult Education, however, I learnt a completely different aspect of Adult Education in this course and learned to appreciate the existence of this course. Although this class is online which many people are skeptical about, I learnt that the learning outcome is…

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  • Diverse Learning Community Analysis

    EDAD 5355 Final Exam Where did you begin in your understanding of diverse learning communities? Where are you now? Prior to taking this course, I already had a generalized knowledge of learning communities and the best practices to use to educate diverse learners. I have had the opportunity to work closely with our campus and district ESL coordinator. The change I have experienced is that this course allowed me to attain knowledge in relation to administration and diverse learning communities,…

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  • Community Learning Experience

    Crawford. The main speaker was Dr. Pamela Lightsey, she is a scholar, social justice activist, and military veteran whose academic and research interests including: classical and contemporary just war theory, womanist theology, queer theory and theology, and african american religious history and theologies. The lecture was very heartfelt and meaningfully due to the fact that they talked about real world issues dealing with african american community, and how the population…

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  • Collaborative Learning Communities

    Introduction Education is a key fundamental source for learning from primary school all the way through graduate school. Many students upon completing high school enroll and start in a community college, but many do not finish. This is a problem that needs to be addressed. In high school the students have their hands held and upon finishing are left with little or no direction when starting college. Many are still immature and without additional support and guidance they get lost in the…

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  • Professional Learning Community Model

    According to Dufour (2004) the professional learning community model requires educators to focus on learning, working together and holding themselves accountable for their own improvements (Dufour, 2004, p. 11). I recognize that in order for students to progress, educators must become lifelong learners by making sure students learn, collaborate with other educators and revise their teaching practices. Presently I facilitate professional learning communities that allow teachers to view and…

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  • Community Service Learning Reflection

    in the community. The first chapter talks about the integration between community work and engineering classes within the university setting. The first chapter talks about how engineering classes and community work complement one another and have very beneficial outcomes in the long run. The chapter also highlights some of the key essential attributes for all engineers which consist of understanding engineering design, science, math, and good communication skills. These essential attributes are…

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  • Community Service Learning Experience

    Africa; attempt to formulate a sentence with the word “truthful” in it. She looked up at me with inquiring eyes, asking, “What does ‘truth’ mean?” I tried to come up with a definition, something that would make sense. I realized that I couldn’t because truth is a word that had been, unquestionably, a part of my vocabulary my whole life. My mother always told me to tell the truth, and that’s how I learned it. So I sat perplexed, trying to explain to this young girl what a word, that I believed…

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  • High School Administration Case Study

    program, a great deal of time has been spent presenting how to be a leader in a professional learning community, where each classroom is an open door for adults and students alike to learn from each other. In order for this atmosphere to exist, the administrator must build a culture of trust where all stakeholders are aware that observations, evaluations, discussions, and collaborations exist to build student success in learning. “The issue of being both an evaluator and a supervisor can be…

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  • Personal Learning Network Analysis

    When reflecting on my own Personal Learning Network I realized that I rely on a hodge-podge of both people and online resources to aid in my teaching and instruction. First and foremost, I rely heavily on people to enhance my teaching and to aid in lesson planning. I collaborate weekly with the other sixth grade teachers across the district after school one day a week to plan both day to day lessons and to plan big picture outlines for each quarter. Furthermore, I am the representative for my…

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