Developing A Learning Community Essay

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Children learn and develop best when they are part of a community of learners this means a community in which all participants care about each other and learning is constructed in a collaborative process. Learning communities allow children to learn not just academically, but to learn about culture, diversity, inclusion, language, resolution to conflict, self-regulation and help foster their own identity in relation to the community. To develop a learning community the teacher should create an environment that is engaging, provide space for group play and collaborative play, structure the curriculum for flexibility, student’s interest, play schemes they see present, and take a bystander approach in class help build social relationships a teacher should allow children to resolve their own conflicts, learn from others opinions, form their own judgements and opinions, and learn through their interaction with peers. A teacher should model positively how to respond to conflict, present choices for other opinions to be shown, have an openness to every …show more content…
When a teacher collaborates with parents on their child’s needs, learning styles, cultural background and family dynamics a teacher will be able to successfully implement worthwhile appropriate activities. To create a truly inclusive environment a teacher must provide activities that allow for children to work together, problem solve together, and develop their own awareness of a diverse

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