Importance Of Cyber War

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Developments in technology and information systems have created a new world and provided numerous benefits. Individuals, states, and international bodies take advantage of such benefits; however they are under some risks as well. As Miller and Kuehl (2009) note, “The increasing dependence of modern technologically-advanced forces (especially American forces) on networks and systems create new kinds of exploitable vulnerabilities.” Countries have become more “dependent on a series of interconnected, increasingly vulnerable ‘critical infrastructures’ for their effective functioning.” These infrastructures have become new kinds of strategic targets (Miller & Kuehl, 2009).
When it comes
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China also conducted State supported email corruption “leads to data loss and even endangering the lives of employees” (Stiennon, 2010). Among the victims of China’s cyber operations were Cisco, Google, Lockheed Martin, NSA, USCYBERCOM, DISA, NASA, several US banks, and many other business corporations.
NATO Article 5 Response
UN Charter Article 51 allows states right of self-defense against armed attacks. NATO confirmed at Sept 2014 that Article 5 applies to armed cyber-attacks. NATO also declared cyberspace an operational domain.
The US announced that these attacks originating from Russia, Iran, and China reached the level of armed attack. Ten people died, many injured, various physical damages occurred because cyber operations. Considering Schmitt’s Criteria, severity of the attacks were high and caused death besides physical destruction. The effects were immediate and directly targeted and affected the US. Effects were identifiable and in some cases quantifiable. Most of cyber operations conducted by Russia, Iran, and China are prohibited under international law. The attacks were either state controlled and organized or

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