The Importance Of Cyber Security

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A literature review allows a researcher to present the findings and viewpoints of other researchers in order to build on existing knowledge (Onwuegbuzie, Leech, & Collins 2012). This allows the researcher to build a solid foundation in which to further sustain their work and demonstrate the credibility of sources used. By the use of Google Scholar, EBESCOhost and proQuest I reviewed the literature pertaining to cyber awareness, cyber security, cyber attacks, the economic fallout from cyber attacks and the state of businesses taking preventative measures. Furthermore, I reviewed the literature based on the need for individuals to concern themselves with cyber awareness.
Information gathered from 38 sources up to this point provided the content
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At the user level cyber-attacks begin according to Eddolls (2016) Therefore, it stands to reason why cyber security awareness is the front line defense in any security infrastructure. What the literature review here does is demonstrates that while security infrastructures exist, it is that there are serious problems that only heightened awareness mitigates. Qualitative case studies on the topic of cyber security highlight the need for further research in the area of cyber security awareness as attacks occur more frequently in our world. Case studies reviewed demonstrate how widespread the problem is, and the impact cyber attacks bring to businesses across the globe.
When studies on cyber security and cyber attacks combined with the all too real fact that the general public is mal-informed as to their responsibility to become educated in cyber security awareness, a correlation exists (Fiedler, 2016). Being unaware of the serious consequences of the actions of individuals and businesses alike is what cyber security awareness is all about. Furthermore, in line with the disruptive innovation theory, the more advanced the technology, the greater opportunity to protect our businesses and individuals

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