The Consequences Of Cyber Security

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Cybersecurity should have always been important to anyone using technological devices. Now it is not only important but rather essential to maintain quality performance of technology. The cyber world will never be completely free of cyber attacks, cyber espionage or cyber threats same as how the physical world will never be completely free of crime. However we must seek to limit the amount of cyber security violations as well as the severity of any violations. This can only be done by full compliance and partnership between the government and the people. The government must fulfill its constitutional duties and the people must allow it.

Why are Government Regulations Needed

The severity of a cyber attack ranges from an individual
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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also requires companies that trades with the public to provide regular documentation of the measures being taken to secure their network. After seeing the possible consequences of cyber attacks President Obama instantiated an Executive Order (13636) that “will provide guidance that is technology neutral and that enables critical infrastructure sectors to benefit from a competitive market for products and services that meet the standards, methodologies, procedures, and processes developed to address cyber risks” (Executive Order -- Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity …show more content…
Within the last 3 years prominent companies that even have global counterparts have been caught up in the cyberwarfare. Companies such as Primera Blue Cross, Anthem, Target, Sony Pictures and JP.Morgan Chase all had data breaches. Sensitive data was stolen, social security numbers, bank account information, all along with people 's names and addresses. The attack on Telvent was another prominent cyber security threat that made many people afraid of what attackers could do with the information on SCADA projects that were

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