Persuasive Essay On Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity should have always been important to anyone using technological devices. Now it is not only important but rather essential to maintain quality performance of technology. The cyber world will never be completely free of cyber attacks, cyber espionage or cyber threats same as how the physical world will never be completely free of crime. However we must seek to limit the amount of cyber security violations as well as the severity of any violations. This can only be done by full compliance and partnership between the government and the people. The government must fulfill its constitutional duties and the people must allow it.

Why are Government Regulations Needed

The severity of a cyber attack ranges from an individual bases to a national or even a global level. We face a dangerous future knowing that it 's possible to have
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Back in 2008 when President Obama was elected as president, he made it a priority to bring awareness cyber security being one the nation’s most important challenges. Even though he signed the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, he still believes that there is a lot more than needs to be done to secure our nation and the American people. Today, the President is directing his Administration to implement “a Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) that takes near-term actions and puts in place a long-term strategy to enhance cybersecurity awareness and protections, protect privacy, maintain public safety as well as economic and national security, and empower Americans to take better control of their digital security” (The White House, 2016). The Cybersecurity National Action Plan will also cover several other laws and regulations to help private industries fight off cyber-attacks with the help from the

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