Cyber Ark Case

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Cyber Ark is an enterprise application cyber security company based in Israel with offices worldwide. The United States headquarters is in Newton, MA. with regional sales offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Las Angles and Chicago. The company is well known in the IT Security Company with a quality product designed to secure data in the enterprise as well as the cloud. The flagship product is called Cyber Vault is focused on protecting the “Key’s to the kingdom” for an Enterprise. In other words the privileged account passwords.
Cyber Ark customer segment is every company that has an IT department or independently controlled servers regardless of physical, cloud or hybrid. The superior proven performance of the products have established their
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The critical requirement of the industry is to protect the data inside of your customer’s computer networks. With an every growing list of companies in the industry and an every present awareness of the risks as told by the news media the need is very apparent. Customers in the cyber security industry range from Colleges to medical facilities, financial companies to banks, major companies from retail to manufactures, including governments and the military. The threat is other companies looking for Intellectual property to other countries hoping to steal technology or intelligence vital to a nation’s security. Research and development are vital components of any company in the Cyber Security business. Cyber Ark continues to develop and innovate. The company holds several patents the most valuable being the first issued in 2002 for the “Network Vaults” (US6356941, 2002) providing a very narrow single channel to securely store, and exchange information. Other Patents include technology for Monitoring session traffic, Doing Correlation analysis for risk assessment, unauthorized target analysis to detect access breaches, and a system to protect publication of sensitive documents within an

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