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  • Earbuds While Driving Essay

    The dangers that wearing earbuds while driving causes have been detailed in many studies. In one such study, professor and researcher Dick de Waard conducted an experiment on bicyclists’ reaction time while listening to music with earbuds and while not listening to music at all. He found that 68% of auditory stop signals were unnoticed by the bicyclists that were listening to the music. He concluded that “listening to music [while wearing earbuds] worsens auditory perception.” From that research, we can infer that it is even more threatening for drivers of cars to listen to music using earbuds than of bicyclists. Drivers are even farther away from the noises they should be aware of because they are in a machine of steel and aluminum, so their response time while listening to music is likely worse than…

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  • Stop Sign Violation

    A stop sign violation and careless driving are to blame for a February 22 intersection collision, which resulted in one woman dying. Because traffic is crossing and going several different directions all at once, intersections can be an especially dangerous place for car crashes, but there are steps you can take to prevent an intersection collision. If you have a stop sign, stop. Even if you do not see any vehicles coming, you should always come to a complete stop. While you do not necessarily…

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  • Crash Short Story

    and we busted out into the water. We played lots of games. The water was nice and soothing. Some nearby people were playing the radio and it got us more into the grove of things. A few minutes later a commercial came on for burger king’s new whopper, “The Heart Stopper.” My girl and I looked at each other and we both simatamously said, “The Heart Stopper let’s go!” we drove with all our might. Battling our hunger was a hard thing. We had to distract our self so we put the radio on the same…

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  • Characteristics Of A Master Driver

    Stop signs are important because they prevent drivers from going too fast in the residential areas. Always slow down when the light turns yellow, rather than speeding up. Furthermore, in the rainy weather always follow road slippery signs because they prevent skidding. In addition, anytime you come to a place where people may cross or enter your path or one line of traffic meets another, you should look to the left and right sides of your vehicle to make sure no one is coming. Always look to…

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  • Red Light Persuasive Speech

    outside. When suddenly you hear a loud screech, then the screaming of young children. You rush outside to find your child laying there in the street, lifeless. You sit there and wonder how this could have happened, and why me? Now the driver is saying that it was an accident, but she ran the stop sign. Now there is a darkness that haunts you. Just knowing the laws and stopping on red on red in the first place could prevent thousands of accidents and deaths, not just in Texas, not just the United…

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  • North Perimeter Road Recommendation Report

    The current intersection we have in place is called a four-way stop where traffic is controlled by human discretion of giving the right of way to pedestrians and whoever stops first. Consequently, if there is a constant flow of pedestrians, then the cars and bikes will have to yield to all of them. This causes drivers and bikers to weave in between the gaps of pedestrians which poses a hazard. Widening the roads is a solution to traffic congestion, but would not be suitable for this situation…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Pension Awareness

    helmet don't just trust a helmet if it´s a well known brand. You might think this doesn't make much sense, people usually assume that if a brand is well known or more expensive you will get more for your money. There are many different kinds of helmets that protect different parts of your brain with more support for a certain sport, so if someone tells you about this great helmet you would most likely try it even if it's for a complete other sport. When you go to buy a helmet try to find one…

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  • Summary Of Chapter 13: Stop Signs For Seekers

    Chapter 13, Stop Signs for Seekers, pp. 122-132 Making a spiritual commitment is like any other commitment — it has its share of fears and anxieties. Seekers should evaluate these concerns. Some of these concerns are as follows: (1) Unanswered Questions. Although it is important to relieve your fears and anxieties in this respect, but as we are on a spiritual search for God, there will always be unanswered questions. Therefore, the goal of any spiritual seeker is to find enough answers to…

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  • Eyewitness Misidentification Essay

    of the events that they are referencing. What has been found is that no matter how small a detail or implication of an event it may be, it can alter the full statement given by the witness and make it non-viable in the eyes of the courts. In the mid 1970’s a professor of psychology by the name of Elizabeth Loftus performed an experiment exhibiting the effects of an individual’s memory when fake facts have been introduced to them. The individual participants were placed into two separate groups…

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  • Sonny Lancaster's Short Story: Only One I Know

    Only One I Know As Sonny Lancaster looked at the blank road ahead of himself, his mind continued to wander its way back to the sign. The road sign, directly above the La Rue’s Restaurant slogan, that read “Find the Lord before you need Him, and never, ever sell out your pride or saddle. Cause life's a long, long ride.” He couldn't help but think that he’s 51 years into his ride and still chasing a wild dream some call rodeo. He chuckled at the thought but deep down he was sorta proud to still…

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