Crash Short Story

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Have you ever witnessed a crash and later on find out it was your friend? It was a normal day like any other. In fact, the day was beautiful. The skies were blue and the sound of birds filled the air. I was out driving with my love interest at the time and we decided to go to a nearby lake to swim and cool off. She was blasting pop music unlike the metal i would usually put on. The sun from the dash board of my car put a sparkle in her eye. Nothing was going to ruin this day. We got to the lake and we busted out into the water. We played lots of games. The water was nice and soothing. Some nearby people were playing the radio and it got us more into the grove of things. A few minutes later a commercial came on for burger king’s new whopper, “The …show more content…
Her friend had been listening the radio as well. More coverage on the crash came on. Apparently she had heard about the crash early and knew the people were now dead. The radio cut in with information on who it was. It was Johnny McAlister. Johnny McAlister was an old friend of ours. He was actually my girl’s interest at one time. She couldn’t believe it she said to me ,” we have to go see the body.” I agreed and we got into the car. When we got to the scene of the crash everything was cleared. My girl wanted to be alone. She stormed off and left her friend and I in the car. I said to her friend that guy… she um… and she said her boyfriend? I started crying not because of his death but it was for her. After a few hours of waiting we left. I got a call from her later on. She was crying asking me to come back. When her friend and I got back to her we started to head to her friend’s house again. Silence filled the air and the moonlight sparkled on her now teary eyes. I turned on the radio back on. Pop songs were playing. This lightened the mood and we started singing. We were headed back to her house. Later on that night we realized our hunger from earlier was not quenched so we went to burger king and got our Heart

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