Earbuds While Driving Essay

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Many people enjoy listening to music in the car, and a large number of those people use earbuds to do so. What a lot of those people do not think about, is when they drive their cars somewhere, and they are listening to music with their earbuds, they are presenting a danger. A lot of teens and new drivers are also out on the roads, yet, since they are learning to drive, they, as well as all drivers, should not be distracted by any music, especially when using earbuds. Listening to music with earbuds while driving is more than just diverting the driver’s attention; the cord could also become tangled, and it could cause drivers to be inattentive. So, even though the current law in Ohio is that people can only drive with one earbud in, it should be illegal to wear any earbuds at all while driving, because people can become distracted by the music in their ears, making them hazardous drivers.
There are many problems that occur when people drive while wearing earbuds. For one,
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The dangers that wearing earbuds while driving causes have been detailed in many studies. In one such study, professor and researcher Dick de Waard conducted an experiment on bicyclists’ reaction time while listening to music with earbuds and while not listening to music at all. He found that 68% of auditory stop signals were unnoticed by the bicyclists that were listening to the music. He concluded that “listening to music [while wearing earbuds] worsens auditory perception.” From that research, we can infer that it is even more threatening for drivers of cars to listen to music using earbuds than of bicyclists. Drivers are even farther away from the noises they should be aware of because they are in a machine of steel and aluminum, so their response time while listening to music is likely worse than

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