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  • How Does Langston Hughes Use Syntax In Mother To Son

    While the mother explains that she hasn 't had a perfect life, she describes a stairwell with “tacks in it”, “splinters”, “boards torn up”, and “places with no carpet on the floor” (3-6). Hughes uses these pictures to compare how the mother has lived to a wrecked set of stairs, both with mistakes and damage done. The mother wants her son to understand her struggles and ensure that he does not go through them, therefore, paints a picture in his and the reader’s mind of how unpleasant it was. This aids the reader in helping understand how much she has experienced. However, “had” is used to remind the son that the life being pictured was from before, and she is putting in effort now to stop it. Hughes also uses imagery saying “and sometimes goin’ in the dark/where there ain’t no light,” (12-13). This sight imagery is placed here because it explains how she has gone through everything, but has yet to back down from it. She says “dark” to connotate that she has been in bad places in her life. However, she then uses “light” to symbolize that although she hasn 't always been on the right path, there is one and he should take it, giving her son motivation. She then says “don 't you turn back/don 't you fall now,” (14/17). The mother is giving her son the last important part of her message: to not give up. “Don 't you turn back” is used to reflect on the mother 's previous…

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  • Steven Millhauser's The Invasion From Outer Space

    were “prepared” for what they were getting. They knew that there was going to be an invasion. They didn’t think that it was going to be what they got. They expected something big; something that would send them running with their family by their side. They wanted the kind of invasions that you get in the movies. They wanted and invasion from Mars. But what they got was disappointing. They got yellow dust. They didn’t realize how dangerous this yellow dust was. They only saw some one cell living…

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  • Ex Nihilo Creation Story

    In the beginning there was nothing but utterly silent darkness when suddenly a single, microscopic light began to shine. With each passing day this light became brighter and brighter. This light was a pure white, bright, almost blue energetic light. One day the light was so bright there was no darkness to be seen, only white brightness. In the center of this bright energetic light began to form a faint shadow of a human form. The human form could be seen dancing around, jumping, hopping, and…

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  • Personal Narrative: If I Am A Normal Person

    and told that being gay is morally wrong gave me a hard time to accept myself and if you don’t truly accept yourself for who you are, you will never find peace and happiness in life. Slowly over time I told more and more of my closer friends and most of them accepted me for who I am. There will be some that stops talking to you because you are different and they don’t think it is right to be different. Soon my friends asked me about dating and at the time I didn’t think much about it because I…

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  • Earbuds While Driving Essay

    The dangers that wearing earbuds while driving causes have been detailed in many studies. In one such study, professor and researcher Dick de Waard conducted an experiment on bicyclists’ reaction time while listening to music with earbuds and while not listening to music at all. He found that 68% of auditory stop signals were unnoticed by the bicyclists that were listening to the music. He concluded that “listening to music [while wearing earbuds] worsens auditory perception.” From that…

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  • Reflective Essay Of Winterpock Elementary School

    When I was younger I loved writing. Poems, short stories, and nonfiction, I tried to write them all. From Romans to a galactic republic, my mind was a canvas of creativity until that day. The day of my social humiliation in front of all my peers, the day I thought I had written my best paper, the day I was changed. I was so amped to go to school that day, I rushed down stair grabbed my black and red backpack and ran for the bus stop. While I was running I heard my sister scream“Wait, Rocky, your…

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  • Georgette's Home-Personal Narrative

    showed “Mr. Bus 57, Row 9, Right Side, Window” to Georgette’s room. There she laid peacefully with the covers tucked in around her. She appeared to be sleeping so he quietly sat in the chair next to her bed contemplating what he would say. It was only a short while before she opened her eyes and look at him. “How are you feeling?” he inquired. She sighed and rolled her eyes. “I am really not feeling anything. He looked into her eyes intently for a short time searching as if looking…

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  • A Thousand Splendid Sun Analysis

    Rayn Vann English II Honors Tone In Suns Essay The author of the book A Thousand Splendid Suns uses many examples of imagery, such as the following excerpts to make a reader feel a certain way, or to help them better understand the events taking place at the time. In the first excerpt, Laila is waiting to board the bus after Wakil “bought tickets” for Laila, Mariam, and Aziza. She is in a pleasant, unbreakably optimistic mood. Her feelings are reflected by the imagery the author provides us…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The First Day At School To School

    I forgot then when I was in there alone for five minutes after the bell I remembered oh homeroom. Then I strolled back to homeroom and we just did nothing. The bell rang again I went to third period. I was more excited for this one I expected gym to be my favorite because we play games. All we did there was explain the rules again I already knew them from last year. I think we got are locks then Seth started crying because he couldn't get the lock open he was throwing a fit there was a lot of…

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  • Alienation From Nature In The Machine Stops By E. M. Forster

    In 1909 E.M. Forster wrote the ground-breaking short story “The Machine Stops”, it foretold of a dystopian society where mankind entrusted itself to a machine which took care of al their wants and needs, and ultimately lead to their demise.…

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