Stonewall Jackson

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  • Stonewall Jackson Analysis

    General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was in many respects second to General Robert E. Lee in the Confederate popularity with southerners, especially within their memory, religion, and mythology. His early death on May 10, 1863 left many unanswered questions, however former soldiers on his staff, contemporary historians, and modern professional historians have filled in the gaps about Jackson to complete a history of the general. His history has been connected to the Confederacy, Lee, Shenandoah Valley, and the myths of the Lost Cause. Over one-hundred fifty years have passed since his death, yet Stonewall Jackson remains as popular as ever amongst those familiar with the Civil War as evidenced by the many biographies written about him. Wallace…

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  • Jonathan Jackson Stonewall Jackson

    Thomas Jonathan Jackson, also known as "Stonewall" Jackson, was born on January 21, 1824 in Clacksburg, Virginia. There is some dispute about the actual location of his birth. A historical marker on the floodwall in Parkersburg, West Virginia, claims that he was born in a cabin near the spot where his mother was visiting her parents. Thomas Jackson was the third child of Julia Beck Jackson and Jonathan Jackson. Julia was born in 1798 and died in 1831. Jonathan was born in 1790 and died in…

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  • Stonewall Jackson Monologue

    Then he died of sickness. He was a good man. But we did learn one thing that day. That stonewall jackson is not made of stone. Man his funeral was so sad. Just because every one showed up must have made him happy in heaven. Oh everyone had to come i did not know that. Nevermind sj people do not like you that much. But do you remember the battle of gettysburg that was a bloody battle. But the battle i hatted the most was fought on april ninth 1865 it was the battle of appomattox. That was when we…

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  • Civil War Movie Analysis

    Jackson was given the nickname Stonewall because in the First Battle of Manassas/Bull Run he and his line of men stood as firm as a Stonewall. The movie opens up with General Robert E. Lee being asked by one of Lincolns trustees to side with the Union by becoming command of all the Union forces, while the state of Virginia was in secession on three things 1.) Slavery, 2.) Whether to go to war, and 3.) Whether to leave the Union. Lee declined Lincoln’s offer, although he loved his country he…

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  • Second Battle Of Bull Run Essay

    It seemed like the turning point and the battle that really stood out was when Pope was attacking Stonewall Jackson. If Popes reinforcements would have arrived like he thought they would, would the outcome of this particular battle be different? I believe so, I think the Union army would not have suffered as many casualties as they did and the morale for the Union army would not have been as down as it was. Defensive minded McClellan cost the union multiple opportunities to do some damage to the…

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  • Two Military Genius

    The Killer Instincts and Deference of Two Military Geniuses The killer instincts and deference of Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. Jackson claimed many victories for the Confederate Army and helped the army endure a long harsh battle against the Union. As General of the Confederate army Robert E. Lee demonstrated his military genius through his ability to anticipate enemy movements. Lee also showed his military genius through developing new battle tactics that positioned his generals to take…

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  • The Battle Of Gettysburg: Turning Point Of American Civil War

    while to know the stuff: “it will take him some days to pick up the reins, His information will be poor, he will have staff problems” (156). They were both correct about this fact. However, face to the circumstance, Longstreet and Lee had quite different interpretations. Lee thought it was a great opportunity for confederate to make a sudden and violent attack, just like what they did in the battle of Chancellorsville, “to press and get it done”(201). He assumed that because of the heated…

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  • Why Is Stonewall Jackson Wrong

    Stonewall Jackson was shot and died 8 days later in result of illness on May 10, 1863 at age of 39. He was accidently shot by one of his own men and had to get his arm amputated. He later got Pneumonia and died with his wife and daughter at his side in a field hospital in Virginia. It was 9pm, May 2nd. Jackson decided to keep on going to look over damage from the battle. Randomly, there was a shot. Jackson's horse ran, and Jackson’s brother in law yelled, “ Cease Firing. You are firing into…

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  • Clara Barton Research Paper

    The American Civil War is alternatively known as the bloodiest war in American history. During this war, over 620,000 individuals lost their lives to fight for ideas they believed would be best for the future of the country. Unfortunately, in addition to casualties of war, countless people died as a result of disease. Medicine was still not technologically advanced to the point where it could compete against such grand injuries. However, a copious amount of lives were saved due to the efforts of…

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  • Essay On The Battle Of Antietam

    confident, how he acted in combat was much different. Even though he knew he had a numerical advantage he was very skittish and overthought his orders, causing many of the deaths that occurred that day. General McClellan finally made a call and had his men rain bullets onto the Confederates to suppress them while also having his other men rush the confederate occupied “Sunken Road”. The title of the road became changed to the “Bloody Lane” simply because of the massive amount of both armies…

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