Western Lowland Gorilla

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  • Gorilla Deforestation

    To study and learn about our human ancestors from the past, one must look no further than the Gorilla gorilla gorilla, which we share almost 96 percent of DNA with. (Scally, A et al., 2012) These once abundant giants who used to inhabit large areas in Central Africa and surrounding countries, are now on the brink of extinction due to habitat loss, illegal hunting for bush meat and diseases. To prevent the worst outcome from happening, it is essential that we as humans create sustainable strategies that will increase the current Gorilla gorilla gorilla population as well as conserving the unique habitat and ecosystem in which they live in. This paper will discuss in detail, the biology, threats and solutions to help the Gorilla gorilla gorilla.…

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  • Essay On Silverback Gorillas

    What is a Silverback Gorilla? Silverback Gorillas are the mature, older, male gorillas in a troop. We see Silverback Gorillas in all subspecies. While it is possible for multiple Silverbacks to exist in one troop of gorillas, a troop will always be led by one alpha Silverback, as opposed to younger black-back male counterparts. The troop’s alpha Silverback leads the group. He decides where they will travel to find food, what they eat, and where they will make nests for the night. Physical…

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  • Primate Observation Essay

    zoo. For the purpose of observing two primates, I made a visit to Los Angeles Zoo on a very sunny day, September 4, 2016 at 1pm. My visit to the zoo was a quite exhausting one since the weather was almost 90 degrees and I was quite hungry. Luckily, at the zoo they had water misters by a children’s playground that really helped out with the hot weather and they also had food stands. Although, the food was expensive I was satisfied with the burger I got for six dollars. Once I refreshed a little…

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  • I Am Zitti: An Autobiography

    primates, one is apes and the largest of them is Gorilla (Vedder, 2008). My name is Zitti. I am a biologically female Cross river gorilla a subspecies of Western Gorilla (World Wildlife Fund, 2014). Others call me by my scientific name of Gorilla gorilla diehli but my friends call me Zitti which I prefer (World Wildlife Fund Global, 2014). You can call me Zitti, Gorilla gorilla diehli is too long and not unique. I live in Central Africa (Cross River Gorilla, 2014). To be specific “inside the…

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  • Mountain Gorilla Research Paper

    Most people assume that gorillas are strong and durable creatures that could withstand anything. While gorillas are certainly strong, their survival requires a delicate balance of a safe habitat and a healthy, natural diet. There are many different types of gorillas and each species requires different needs based on their region. In particular, many of the gorillas in Africa are dwindling in numbers due to threats upon their natural habitat. According to Endangered Species…

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  • Gorilla Essay

    History of The Gorilla Ecological distribution The first person who coined the word "gorilla", was Hanno, the navigator of Carthage. Two and a half thousand years ago, Galleys Hanno, looked for places that were suitable for colonization and moved along the coast of West Africa (Ахматов, 2006). Here in Sierra-Leone, Carthaginians met strange creatures. Marvelous sailors passed the logbook down so there would be a record about these wonderful creatures and about their experience of their first…

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  • Primate Behavioral Habits

    Primate Research John Richard Tecuautzin Primate Research The purpose of this project is to do research and to take note of the behavioral habits between two primate species. This project will major on the orangutan species and the gorilla species. In addition to the research, I will allocate each primate time to enable me monitor their behavior and habits. Gorillas and the orangutans live in the forests where they spend most of their time in the trees and eat wild fruits and plants as…

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  • Gorilla Research Paper

    Title: Parents of Boy Rescued From Gorilla Investigated: Accident or Negligence? Category: News & Opinion Tags:Harambe, gorilla shot, Cincinnati gorilla Teaser: Police investigate the parents of the 3-year-old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, but are not recommending charges be laid. Article: The killing of 17-year-old Harambe, the 400-pound gorilla, to save the little boy who slipped into the animal's enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo has triggered outrage. Some say…

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  • Differences Between Gorillas And Chimps

    Neil Rao 10/18/17 Differences Between Gorillas and Chimps Gorillas and chimps are both members of the great apes family. They have some similarities and differences, and both will be listed. Gorillas may look intimidating with their size and forceful look. They are actually very gentle. Gorillas also have a caring human like nature and behavior. Gorillas can be powerful and forceful when it comes to their young, they are very nurturing and care for their young. Gorillas play a large role in…

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  • Chimpanzee And Human Behavior Analysis

    I find the study of Chimpanzee and Human behaviour to be a very fascinating subject. Primatology is a field of study that helps us understand many different aspects of how primate’s function and how we are able to compare it to how human’s behaviour and social skills adapt and develop much differently in society. The article I read focuses on this specific topic and shows us how humans and apes develop different social skills from a young age. Even though chimpanzees are our closest living…

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