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  • The Apostle Peter Analysis

    research methodology used for this biography on Peter is a scholarly evaluation. While there were many popular sources (pastors or specialist) available on this topic, they often adapted their findings to appeal to a general audience. Additionally, these popular sources mainly offer a quick and sometimes bias overview of the life of Peter rather than an objective and comprehensive academic account. Therefore, popular sources were not used for research in writing this paper. The selected scholarly sources in the bibliography below were evaluated for their objective academic perspective, which was either peer reviewed or considered to be the one of the leading commentaries in its field. Opening Statement The Apostle Peter (Simon Peter) is known as the “Apostle to the Apostles” by the early Christian Church. Why was he considered with such distinction? Although impetuous in nature, he had learned to submit his…

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  • Apostle Paul's Argument Analysis

    At the heart of the debate concerning women in office, all scholars and pastors address 1 Timothy 2:11-12. Those who do not affirm women in office argues that Paul specifically states "Let women learn in quietness.... I do not permit women to teach or to exercise authority over a man... she is to remain quiet." In order to best understand Paul 's statement, we must focus on three words which are "quietness (ἡσυχίᾳ),"permit (ἐπιτρέπω)," and "exercise authority (αὐθεντεῖν)." "Quietness... (γυνὴ ἐν…

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  • The Apostle John

    The Apostle John, having been exiled to the Isle of Patmos by Roman Emperor, Domitian, writes in the first chapter of the Book of Revelation that he was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day and was privileged to see a vision of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. It is in that vision that we read about Him Who is “like unto the Son of man”, and the majestic description of the Lord in all His glory as He walks among seven golden candlesticks. What does all of that glittery language mean? The…

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  • Acts Of The Apostles Analysis

    This source is Acts of the Apostles (21:31- 28:31), from the New Testament. It is a religious work that is a written account of what occurred in the decades after the emergence of Jesus as a player in history. It appears to be a work produced around the late first century, (Richard Pervo, 14) in the years after jesus’s death. The source discusses events that occurred to Paul after Jesus had died. It seems to be written by Luke (Richard Pervo, 13-14), this source is a compilation of Paul’s…

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  • The Apostles Creed Analysis

    The earliest occurrence of the Creed in physical form was seen in the year 390; when a letter was sent by the Synod of Milan to Pope Siricius. (Kelly, 1972, pp1). Although Kelly’s argument is informative, she fails to provide any context during the time the Apostles Creed was being created. However where Kelly lacks, Harvey argues, the Apostles felt the need to create a Creed because the scripture of the New Testament was still being canonised. Further developing this, by arguing, Christians at…

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  • Apostle John Research Paper

    Apostle John is one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ who was later chosen to become an Apostle. John lived in Galilee in the small city called Capernaum, Zebedee was his father, Salome who is believed to be the sister of Mary was his mother and James was his brother. John and James with their father Zebedee together with Andrew and Peter were both partners as fishermen at the sea of Galilee. The map is located in Northern Palestine. The culture in Galilee had a tradition of political…

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  • The Apostles Creed: The Apostle Creed

    The Apostle’s Creed The Apostles Creed is the creed most widely used in Christian worship in the western world. Throughout the Middle Ages it was generally believed that this creed was composed by the Apostles on the day of Pentecost and that each of them contributed one of the twelve sections. This appears to be a legend dating back to somewhere between the 4th and 6th Centuries. However it still has good reason to be called the Apostles Creed because its content is in agreement with apostolic…

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  • Thecla's Role In The Acts Of Paul

    Introduction: “Now concerning the matters about which you wrote: ‘It is well for a man not to touch a woman.’” This is according to the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians. Although Saint Paul goes on to say that it is better for one to be married to avoid sexual immorality, historians widely believe that his sexual ethics, especially in relation to virginity, played a significant role in the lives of Christians, especially young women, throughout the early Church. The Acts of…

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  • Saint Michael The Archangel Analysis

    Classe, Ravenna, Italy. The mosaic has an Arche which is known as the triumphal Arche. On top of this art piece we see “God” holding a book and on each side of him are the symbols of angels. Below that image is the of Jerusalem and Bethlehem with an image of sheep indicating that they are going into heaven. On each side of the cross there is a sign of Alpha and Omega which is a sign for the begging and the end it shows that Christ is all things. This is a very powerful image with a powerful…

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  • The Apostle Paul

    A good minister of Jesus Christ is one who is an exhorter, educator, and an exemplar. The Apostle Paul lays out many attributes that someone needs to be a minister of Christ. These three encapsulate the rest of the qualities required found in the books of I Timothy, II Timothy and Titus. In these books, Paul is writing to his preacher boys and his own sons after the faith. He gives Timothy and Titus areas to work on and actions to accomplish in order to be a good minister. At the time that the…

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