Acts Of The Apostles Analysis

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This source is Acts of the Apostles (21:31- 28:31), from the New Testament. It is a religious work that is a written account of what occurred in the decades after the emergence of Jesus as a player in history. It appears to be a work produced around the late first century, (Richard Pervo, 14) in the years after jesus’s death. The source discusses events that occurred to Paul after Jesus had died. It seems to be written by Luke (Richard Pervo, 13-14), this source is a compilation of Paul’s letters and the later image Luke wanted to portray of Paul. Luke shapes Paul’s letters to be about Paul’s journey from being a denigrator of jesus’s actions and followers to christianity to being the foremost leader of the christians during an integral …show more content…
The text opens with Paul being assaulted by a mob of Jews (21:31) and about to be taken away by the Roman tribune. At that point Paul requests to give one final speech to the Jews, which the tribute allowed because Paul was a Jew and not an Egyptian who recently stirred up a revolt (21:38). Paul speaks about how he had an interaction with Jesus. The Jews didn’t necessarily appreciate this, so the tribute takes Paul away at that point. The tribute was about to flog Paul to find out why the Jews reacted so strongly to Paul’s words. This is halted when Paul tells the centurion and tribute how he is a roman citizen(22:29). This begins to shows us the view of Paul by both the Jews as well as the Romans. The Jews hold a dislike towards Paul and his new ways, while the Romans show a sense of apathy towards Paul. Throughout the text there is a constant pattern of the Jews showing a dislike towards Paul while the Romans only acted or lack thereof because of the Jews. While Paul is being treated this way, Jesus was with him to encourage him. This is seen with Jesus telling Paul to keep his courage and continue the journey to Rome as well (23:11). The text discusses how paul was accused by the jews and in his meetings with the roman rulers this mistreatment was allowed. This is seen how even when Felix had an opportunity to allow Paul go, he left Paul in jail as a favor to the jews (24:27) . The source is trying to convey a message of how there was constant disregard of Paul along with his teachings by the Jews but he still persevered. It is also conveyed how it was often permitted and facilitated by the Roman rulers at that time. Although at points, such as when Festus went to King Agrippa (25:19) there was interest about Paul’s voice, for the most part were apathetic about freeing Paul. It appears to be at face value creating a

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