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  • The Importance Of Social Behavior Among Monkeys

    highly social and live in loose and flexible groups known as communities, or unit groups, that are based on associations between adult males within a home range, or territory. Home ranges of forest-dwelling communities can be as small as a few square kilometres, but home ranges covering hundreds of square kilometres are known among savanna communities. A community can number from 20 or fewer to well over 100 members. Each consists of several subgroups of varying size and unstable composition. Social dominance exists, ... (100 of 1945 words) Some of the most interesting social behavior happens when chimpanzees meet and greet each other after being separated for a while, and have to reestablish their relationships. This happens every day in chimpanzee society, as small groups of community members merge and split. Often when adult males join a group, they arrive with hair erect, a sign of tension and readiness to fight. They may break into a charging display, swaying bushes or dragging branches, hurling rocks, stamping on the ground, even hitting anyone who does not get away in time. Meanwhile, lower-ranking chimps such as females and young males pant-grunt ("uh-uh-uh-uh", a sign of submission) or may even scream with bared teeth, a sign of fear. Usually the males then settle down, still bristling, and other chimps cautiously approach them. A female typically greets a male by pant-grunting and presenting her rear to him. He then inspects her anogenital area to determine her…

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  • Vocal Communication: Similarities And Differences Between Humans And Nonhuman Primates

    same ancestor. Although it is thousands of years since the humans and nonhuman primates such as gorillas and chimpanzees started to grow apart, it is still possible to find similarities and differences in the vocal communications between them. To be able to understand the similarities and differences between humans and nonhuman primates vocal communication it is broken up into different sections. The sections that will be looked at are production mechanism, the structure of the signals, range of…

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  • Bonobos Vs Chimpanzees

    scientific name for bonobos, and dwarf chimpanzee, gracile chimpanzee, and pygmy chimpanzees are some of the other common names for them. Bonobos live together in groups of about 120, and their characteristics are quite similar to those of the chimpanzees, for the species are very alike to one another. The bonobos are quite friendly to anyone, especially each other, and are quite social. Although the lifespan of a bonobo is unknown, scientists know that the females start to get into sexual…

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  • The Great Ape Survival Partnership (GASP)

    In the beginning, there was no way to breed chimps in the United States. Woodsmen were hired to retrieve wild Chimpanzee babies through any means necessary to obtain samples. Much like how you or I would react to a home invader attempting to kidnap someone close to us, these activities pissed off entire chimp families. This often meant that whole groups were systematically killed to obtain a few babies. Once they were caught, the infants were shipped back to the United States where they would be…

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  • Chimpanzees Abilities

    descended from a common ancestor 6-7 million years ago. As humans gradually evolved from chimpanzees, and genetic changes came about, behavior and physical characteristics changed as well. By studying…

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  • Chimpanzees In Jane Goodall's In The Shadow Of Man

    that having someone who was passionate and interested about their studies is the most important factor. Some of her most triumphant expeditions happened at the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve. During her early researches Jane was disappointed because the chimps would run away when she got close. Until Jane discovered the Peak, she did not have a great advantage point to watch the chimpanzees. Over the course of many months Jane earned the chimpanzees’ trust and made valuable relationships with…

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  • Pygmy Language

    Neam ‘Nim’ Chimpsky, an infant pygmy chimpanzee who had been raised among humans and taught ASL, was able to sign at a very basic level with his trainees. He could even efficiently combine more signs, generally two or three; however, combining more signs did not always result in a different general meaning or any kind of specification as unnecessary repetition often occurred (i.e. ‘play me Nim’ instead of just ‘play me’). Washoe, another primate who was taught ASL, had learned 160 different…

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  • How To Be Taught To Animals Essay

    cannot assess that they are alive. A chimpanzee, the human’s closest…

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  • Similarities Between Bonobos And Chimpanzees

    Bonobos and chimpanzees are a unique pair of organisms that are a great example of how two different species are so closely related, but are so distant in characteristics. Both bonobos and chimpanzees fall with in the same genius but are two different species altogether. Two million years ago both bonobos and chimpanzees originated from the same common ancestor, making the genome of the two species about 99.6 percent identical. Yet, differences between bonobos and chimpanzees are revealed when…

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  • Chimpanzee Persuasive Essay

    The intelligent and aggressive species known as the chimpanzee is recognized as the most closely related animal to humans in the world. At one time it was believed that gorillas and chimps were the most closely related, until new technologies were developed resulting in the finding that humans share a massive 99% of our DNA with these creatures. Chimpanzees are classified in the genus known as Pan, along with the species bonono, but not with humans. Humans are classified in their own genus known…

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