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  • Speciesism And The Idea Of Equality Analysis

    Steinbock brings up, but there are somethings that we need to look at. For hundreds of years, humans have been on the top of the food chain. But that doesn’t mean that mankind isn’t outnumbered by animals. There are far more non-human animals than there are human in the world when you consider there are millions upon millions of different species. Just because we farm, or experiment on animals does not mean that we as Homo sapiens haven’t earned that right at the top of the food chain. Yet there is the moral claim that even though there is an abundant number of animals in the world doesn’t mean we can do anything we want to them. A term that can be used to describe humans is apex predator. This means that we are the most superior or effective predator in the world. Granted there are many different apex predators such as the lion, orca, or bear but we remain at the very top of that list. Animals like flys, spiders, or rats are all considered pest in the eyes of most people. We do not feel bad when we squash a fly or spider, or when we trap a rat to get it out of our house. This proves the point though that we are speciest and are okay with a certain species suffer and not another, such as ourselves. Steinbock asserts many good points in her article that proves the point that we are speciest and have, to an extent, no care for the fellow species on this planet. She didn’t point out that there are many animals in the world and that even she would be fine swatting a fly out…

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  • Argumentative Essay Against Veganism

    explained that animals in the wild might not have someone to take care of them and it by hunting them for food; human beings are reducing potential suffering (par.7). Animals in a park may be over populated competing for the scarce resource. Hunting them for food is not, a problem and will not only save the remaining species but will also take care of nature at last. Beef farming is cruel according to vegans but so is nature, carnivores feed on other animals without fear or worried because even…

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  • Wolves In Yellowstone

    Wolves does not naturally have any regular predators; they are considered apex predators. Apex predators are very important in an ecosystem because they help the ecosystem to stay biodiverse. For example, wolves which are apex predators, they eat on the elks that would normally feed on the willows. Consequentially, the elimination of wolves was seen as an object of concern because now that there would be no more wolves to feed on the elks, the willows stared to slowly decline. The willows are…

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  • The Importance Of Associative Learning

    As already stated earlier Zeus is a very obedient dog. He knows many tricks such as sit, lie down, roll over and he can even play dead. With the help of a dog’s favorite treat, one can teach them almost anything they’d like. However, it is more than likely that a dog will only learn something if he is getting rewarded for it. This can possibly be seen as a negative ability because if one was truly intelligent and learned with reasoning they could learn without reward or punishment, but many…

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  • Dog Photography Research Paper

    Photos of a dog that is buried in sand have surfaced online. The picture is of five individuals and on it, a dog is buried in sand with only its head not buried in sand. Some people are very callous. It beats logic trying to wind down on a beach by abusing an innocent dog that is defenceless. This cruel incident took place in Brazil on the sandy beaches of Porto Alegre. A group of people who were having quality time having fun on the beach decided to have more fun which was not funny even one…

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  • Ecocentric Perspective Of Natural Environment

    as the environment’s maximal load. For a given region, carrying capacity is the maximum number of individuals of a given specials that an areas resources can sustain indefinitely without significantly depleting ore degrading those resources. Determining the carrying capacities for most organisms is fairly straightforward. For humans carrying capacity is much more complicated. The definition is expanded to include not degrading our cultural and social environment and harming the physical…

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  • How Do Dogs Save People's Life

    Late September night, John Green suffered a fatal heart attack; rescue dog Sheba, awoke a nearby family member to alert him that John was in trouble. Sheba possibly saved John’s life by being such an excellent pet. There are hundreds of other stories where dogs have saved their owners’ lives. Dogs can not only save a person’s life, but dogs also have countless tremendous attributes. Owning a dog can make people feel like they are never alone, can help people live their lives, and can fill people…

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  • Art Of Rain

    The book The Art of Racing in the Rain is written based on a true story of the author Garth Stein, but instead of telling a story like any other literature, this book is written from author’s pet dog, Enzo’s perspective. This book is mainly a biography of the author during the times his dog, Enzo, is present, and what makes this biography so great is that the concept of the dog telling the story is constantly reminded by the author Stein, and Stein added on the imaginary but realistic thoughts…

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  • Blind Persons Rights Case

    1. A person accompanied by a dog enters a restaurant and identifies himself as being blind. He requests service and a seat where the dog may sit at his feet. The restaurant declines to provide these accommodations and police are called. What advice do you offer and what are you going to do? As discovering what the issue at hand is between the two parties, we know that under the Blind Persons’ Rights act that it is an offence to (a) deny to any person the accommodation, services or facilities…

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  • Having A Dog In The Room Essay

    I. Do you think it is possible that having a dog in the room can lower blood pressure, better than taking blood pressure medication? II. Today I am going to talk to you and inform about the affects that dogs have on people. III. Today I am going to inform you about the effect of dog and human interaction. A. Animals take part in an important role in many people’s lives. Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourages exercise and playfulness, and…

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