Speciesism And The Idea Of Equality Analysis

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Animal’s Capabilities In Bonnie Steinbock’s “Speciesism and the Idea of Equality” she provides arguments against those of Peter Singers in his article “All Animals are Equal.” Steinbock argues that non-human animals should have specifics rights. She didn’t go as far as saying that they should have the right to vote or marry, but the right to be recognized as coherent beings just as capable of suffering and feeling as we are. The way that I see it, Steinbock provides some valid points but fails to acknowledge the quantity of animals in our world, and that there are some animals that we don’t care if they suffer. Steinbock starts out her argument by explaining the mistreatment of animals and why she thinks that this mistreatment occurs, and compares it to the treatment of humans. She rightly stated that cruelty is wrong and that it happens to both human and non-human animals. A majority of animals have not …show more content…
We are “speciest” in that way. Steinbock even said if her own dog was starving and a child were starving she would feed the child before her dog. That is just how things are in our culture. There is also the aspect that a majority of animals are not as intelligent as we are. Some of the exceptions can be Dolphins, Pigeons, and Crows, but these aren’t animals that we are constantly “harming” and doing experiments on. We obviously don’t care what kind of species the animal is, or its intelligence and capability of pain when it comes to experiments or we wouldn’t have an issue to talk or write about. Another point that Steinbock brings up is that there are some humans with lower intelligence than that to animals and yet we aren’t experimenting on these humans because they are part of our species. These are all very good points that Steinbock brings up, but there are somethings that we need to look

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