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  • Food Chains

    GENERAL INFORMATION Lesson Title: Food Chains Subject: Life Science Grade Level: 4 Instructional Setting: This is a 4th grade class, composed of 16 students, 7 males, 9 females. 3 students are ELL, 1 is gifted in Math and Science, and 2 students have been diagnosed with ADHD. The classroom is composed of 4 tables and stools; students are permitted to stand or sit. STANDARDS, GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Common Core or State Standard: SC.4.L.17.4: Trace the flow of energy from the Sun as it is transferred along the food chain through the producers to the consumers. (Access Points) Lesson objective(s): • After reading Butternut Hollow Pond and discussing relationships among organisms, students will complete the Butternut Hollow Pond quiz, scoring…

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  • Forager's Food Chain

    The best food chain for feeding the United States would be hunter-gatherer food chain because it’s inexpensive. In “Forager's Delight: Seeking Out Harvest in the City” Anita Hamilton says, “Americans dont take advantage of this annual harvest availiable for free in cities from sacraments to Baltimore,Where the trees are also found and the berries are in seasons”.According to the article it is proving there are food for that is free and people arent using that privalage to get food that is…

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  • Industrial Food Chain Analysis

    Americans’ diets are extremely diverse and consist of food ranging from the healthy nourishment of nature’s bounty to unwholesome sweets such as the Twinkie. The variety of food choices have increased over time with the implementation of the industrial food chain in which farmers tend to one crop on large amounts of land through irrigation and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. However, the industrial food chain has put our personal health and the health of the environment at risk…

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  • Industrial Food Chain

    Which Food Chain is Best to Feed America? Delicious. McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, and more. All of these fast food restaurants are all examples of the Industrial Food Chain. How often do you have fast food? Probably very often, because these restaurant’s foods taste amazing. Not only does the industrial food chain supply food to fast food restaurants, the food chain also supplies food to most of the super markets around America. The Industrial food chain is the best food chain to feed…

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  • Immigrants In The Food Chains

    Throughout the Food Chains film what stood out to me the most is that the majority of the workers are immigrants. Immigrants that work in hard conditions and with little pay. As well, as how those workers live, and what brought memories to me was the fact that workers live in numerous amounts to have enough money to pay rent for the trailer or the apartment which they live in. There is not enough privacy while living in with numerous amounts of people, but for these workers they have no other…

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  • Sustainable Food Chain Analysis

    sustainable rocks! How should Americans be fed? Is it through the industrial food chain or perhaps the hunter-gatherer food chain, nope none of them are as good as the local sustainable food chain. The industrial food chain is a chain where a single crop is grown in a big field and later ends up in places like supermarkets or fast-food restaurants. The hunter- gatherer food chain is just when one grows, hunts, or finds their own food. The local sustainable food chain is a chain where…

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  • Analysis Of Pollan's 'Industrial Food Chain'

    Pollan believes the industrial food chain is a bad process to make food. One example that he mentioned was, “Basically, almost all of the cattle in the feedlot are are sick. And it’s their corn-based diet that makes them ill” (58). This quote indicates that if the cows are sick we would barely have any meat or our meat would be ill and that would cause us to feel ill. He also announced, “By giving antibiotics to the millions of cattle in the U.S. we are actually breeding new superbacteria that…

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  • The Food Machine Supply Chain Analysis

    America revealed provides a great overview of key supply chain systems that are responsible for keeping the American as a nation thriving. One of the episodes “The Food Machine” explores the ways food economy works and keep more than 300 million Americans fed year round. This series highlights several important supply chain concepts. Three of the most significant one are discussed in detail as under: Distribution Hubs The Food Machine demonstrates how the large food chains Strategically…

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  • The Effects Of The Food Supply Chain

    Food security, defined as the ability to provide sufficient food for the global population relying on a healthy and sustainable nutrition (Godfray et al., 2010), is likely to become one arduous challenge to the following decades. The predictions of The United Nations, in which the world’s population by 2075 will achieve about 9.5 billion people (Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2013), suggest that modern and efficient measures must be taken to follow the prospective food requirements.…

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  • Major Fast Food Chains

    Morgan Spurlock when on an expedition to discover the true effects that fast food has on the human body. Morgan created guidelines for the experiment; (1) that all three meals each day of the month had to come from McDonald’s, (2) he had to have everything on the menu at least once, (3) he could eat anything that didn't come from McDonald’s, (4) he can only Super Size a meal if it was offered, (5) he will only be allowed to get the same amount of exercise as an average American. By the end of…

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