Industrial Food Chain Analysis

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Americans’ diets are extremely diverse and consist of food ranging from the healthy nourishment of nature’s bounty to unwholesome sweets such as the Twinkie. The variety of food choices have increased over time with the implementation of the industrial food chain in which farmers tend to one crop on large amounts of land through irrigation and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. However, the industrial food chain has put our personal health and the health of the environment at risk by being more concerned with production, profitability and convenience than nutritional requirements. Local supermarkets offer many items for the consumer to purchase and most people are not aware that the common ingredient in these foods is corn. The food industry has made it difficult for Americans to eat healthy as their business model relies heavily on industrialized corn due to its low cost to grow. Although the use of corn starches and other corn based products may be good …show more content…
The residents of the industrial world have seen rising concern over the frequency of obesity, heart failure, and diabetes as they take dieting advice from books and mainstream media. Our world has become obsessed with saving time and eating unhealthy foods that are cheap and fast. However, the health of humanity is not the only thing at risk as environmental concerns have also become an issue with the industrial food chain. With the use of fertilizers and pesticides, people have begun to destroy the natural environment and have jeopardized the future of the planet through unsustainable growing practices. Although the industrialization of the food chain has led to mass production and has allowed us to feed many more people, individuals are not getting the nutrition they need and the natural world is suffering from the effects of this

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