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  • Reflection Of Apologetics

    Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” So this means that when it comes to defending my faith, I must thoroughly understand what I believe, and why I believe it. I must also learn in doing so in the most polite manner. This idea is called apologetics. Apologetics is an absolutely essential ingredient to biblical evangelism (Moreland, 150). This is so important to me personally, because the last thing that I would ever want to do is turn someone off of christianity because of the way that I approach them. I primarily need to begin by understanding their worldview as a whole, and why they follow it. To begin with, the Islamic belief system began in 622. It’s staggering to even imagine, but 1 out of 5 people are muslim. This occupies for 23% of the world. The Islam believe if fairly strict, in which they have a mentality that everything should be viewed as religious. Muslims have many rules and regulations that they must abide by to keep in their faith. This includes the Five Pillars of Muslim…

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  • Ken Davis How To Speak To Youth Analysis

    We are not called to make converts, not to teach apologetics to large crowds exclusively, not to entertain the masses. Davis is right to emphasize that “coaching beats playing” and that our “long-term success is determined more by your work on the sidelines than by your spectacular plays as a speaker in front of a group.” How true! May we never become the type of apologist without time to counsel our young, to spend time with them in everyday life. Discipleship only happens as we spend time…

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  • Essay On Christian Apologetics

    The purpose of this paper is to look at the subject of Christian apologetics in the life of Christians today. This paper will also cover the offence to Christian apologetics in the world. The other point that will be made is that all Christians are involved in apologetics in one form or another and becoming more aware of that fact will help the Christian to be more effective in that area. Before we can look at how apologetics plays a role in a Christians life we must know what apologetics is…

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  • Defense Of Apologetics Analysis

    of the 4 Apologetic Methods Defense of Fideism To approach apologetics is to seek to fulfill the command of Scripture “always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” In light of this, the believer ought to approach apologetics as the overflow of their relationship with Jesus. Approaching apologetics from the fideist perspective is to embrace the mystery and paradox of knowing God in faith, rather than through an extended philosophically…

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  • From Controversy To Apologetics

    From Controversy to Apologetics: A Chronological Overview of Eastern Christian Writings against Islam from the Rise of Islam until the Third/Ninth Century By the middle of the ninth century, the Christian-Muslim polemic had reached the epitome of its sophistication and intellectualism, one which became the sanctioned apparatus for apologetics. Although Islam had come into existence a century earlier, it quickly developed a systematised theology that adopted early on opinions about other…

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  • The Relevance Of Christianity: Apologetics Analysis

    ponder and question, ranging from the morality of abortion, to the vastness of the universe. Yet, there has been one subject that has rightfully retained the number one slot on the hot topics list, and that would be the notion surrounding the belief in and role of God. Over the centuries, many issues and characteristics have been attributed to Him, with some being correct, as well as incorrect. As a result, various ideas have been tossed about regarding God’s connection to humanity, such as…

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  • Jesus Unique

    He offered Himself as the purpose of faith in Matthew 7:21-27. There are numerous more. Nobody else can justifiably maintain these explanations or descriptions. 3. C.S. Lewis crafted the famous “tri-lemma,” sometimes called the, “Liar, Lunatic, Lord argument.” Briefly state what this argument is saying. C. S. Lewis 's trilemma is an apologetic case occasionally used to dispute the spirituality and Holiness of Jesus by arguing the only options available. It is expressed as the "Liar, Lunatic,…

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  • Tillich's Apologetics Analysis

    I have gathered information from two articles to explain my essay. The first article that I have used as a source is "From Theoretical To Practical: Developing Tillich’s Apologetics" (Morrison, 2011, p.1-17). The other source I have found useful is "What Is Faith?: An Analysis of Tillich's Ultimate Concern" (Smith, 2003). Every man and woman is concerned about something, for a living being to be concerned about something means to condition their very existence in life in general. The concept of…

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  • Christian Apologetics Analysis

    statement "Nothing can seperate us from the love of God." God 's love is here whether we like it or not. To sum up, I do not believe that..... if, "nothing can seperate us from the love of God"... then, "A person cannot loose their salvation." If one were to, hypothetically, walk away from salvation, then, that would in no way be changing God 's love at all. We wouldn 't be "[undoing] the work of God", in terms of His unconditional love.We are not seperated from God 's love simply because we…

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  • The Importance Of Paul Practice Of Apologetics

    Before we dive into the subject of Apologetics in conversation, we must understand why we must practice apologetics and the answer is simply because God commands us to do so. In 1 Peter 3:15 God tells us, 'But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. ' Even though many of us may never come across someone who will question our faith, we must…

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