Argumentative Essay Against Veganism

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Against Being Vegan
Veganism interest is receiving much attention from global media houses and health institutions. There are those who support a vegan lifestyle, and there are those that put across adamant arguments against veganism. Internet sources are misleading the society on issues about veganism, as they argue based on bustling opinions, hypothesis, and guesses. Only very few sources provide enough data to back up their arguments for or against veganism. The topic of veganism is a contentious issue that has brought unending debates full of emotions and social media wars. Humans ought not to support Veganism lifestyle and the following is a discussion justifying why the society should go against veganism.
A million reasons for not eating meat come from the vegans, but they are never convincing enough on why the society should adopt veganism. Veganism is a challenge in every sector of the society whether it is in the health sector, environmental and economic view. According to Leitzmann vegans have a deficiency in some nutrients in their bodies. The author argued that many vegans at least 60% have a deficient in iron and B vitamins especially women (p. 14). Red meat is the only food that
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Piper asserts that a vegan diet leads to the death of many animals than that of a non-vegan. He claimed that tractors kill animals such as mice, moles, rabbits and other rodents or have their habitats destroyed (par. 3). According to Piper vegans should consider the reducing their plant 's consumption and “eat more cow” that graze on pasture (par, 4). Animals that produce meat produce more calories and proteins per head than plants making them environmentally friendly contrary to what vegans claimed that they are harmful to the environment. Animals require pasture that is part of biodiversity and by growing pasture; human beings are taking care of the

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