Argumentative Essay About Being Vegetarian

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Being vegetarian is a big argument in our society. Being vegetarian is to stop eating or cook almost anything that comes from animals. So you are not allowed to eat any kind of meat, fish or milk, but you are still allowed to eat eggs and honey. Don’t confuse being vegetarians with being vegan. Vegan is a higher degree of vegetarianism. When people are vegan they stop buying or eating anything that is from an animal so they won 't buy eggs, honey, leather boots, wool and so on. Being vegetarian also has huge respect for nature, so a lot of vegetarians are also trying to be eco-friendly and buy organic food to preserve the planet. Two of my family members, my mother, and my brother are actually vegetarian and they are doing really well. Vegetarianism is a big trend right now, given to Stahler Charles in the vegetarian 's journal published in 2012, “Four percent of the U.S adults were found to be vegetarians which approximately 9 millions of people.” Vegetarianism is …show more content…
People are choosing to be vegetarians for different reasons. For example, my brother chose to become vegetarians because He saw what the food industry was doing with animals. You can see many different documentaries on the food industry and it is always the same think, animals are treated badly; unsanitary conditions, violence toward animals, stuffed(gaver). In the other hand, my mother chose to stop eating meat because she just didn’t like it anymore. In The Washington Post, Sussman Vic said: “People become vegetarians for a variety of reasons, ranging from health to ethics or even religion.” When people are becoming vegetarian because of ethics is it often like my brother, they do not want to be responsible for the how animals are treated and killed. People are also becoming vegetarian because it is healthy for the human’s body. To be vegetarian you don’t need a particular reason it is just a choice of a different

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