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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Why Do I Wrestle?

    People ask me, “Why... Why do I wrestle?” Then they say, “Wrestling is so gay.” My answer to that question always seems to be, “I don't know. Why do you play with balls?” But, to be honest, I don't really know why I wrestle. I mean, rolling around a mat with sweaty guys isn't exactly my idea of what I call fun, and imagine after all of that you lose. That's just a lose, lose situation. The only win, win situation is when you win by either disqualification or default. Maybe I’m overreacting, but that’s how I see things. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good qualities to wrestling; the feeling you get when you win, the teammates, although there are some I just want to kill, and the food, how can you forget about the food. I think these qualities…

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  • Personal Narrative: Middle School Duals

    During this time period I felt like a very good wrestler. I was going to National Duals, in Council Bluff, Iowa. A lot of things happened from around March-April. I was wrestling in Subdistricts at 92 lbs. one year ago. The next day I had to make 90 lbs. for middle school duals. If I place in the top 6 places I have a chance to be an alternate or on a dual team for Team Kansas. I got picked up for sub weigh ins by Kaydin Bruner. After about 30 minutes ago I arrived. I was starving just like I…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Wrestling Room

    matters inside this room besides one thing and that is improving your skills as a wrestler. Unlike a basketball court or a football field, which are used for many different activities, the wrestling room is for work only. Isolated from the rest of the school with a set of heavy metal doors, the wrestling room contains two full sized mats that cover the floor and go halfway up the walls along with a speaker mounted up in each corner. The parts of the walls not covered in mat, are decorated with…

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  • Wrestling Is The Most Dangerous Sport Essay

    Wrestling is the Most Dangerous Sport “The better you eat the better you compete and the better you’ll be able to go out there and train and go out there and win it”(Burroughs).Most people think football is the most dangerous sport; some people agree some people disagree. Wrestling is the most dangerous sport because of physical injuries suffered after wrestling which include concussions, skin diseases, and eating disorders. Most wrestlers have had at least two to three concussions in their…

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  • Personal Narrative: Kool-Aid Man's Komeback

    Kool-Aid Kronicles: Kool-Aid Man's Komeback All my life I had fought to be the top; I remember my first fight, against Moon man that’s when I finally figured out what I was gonna do for the rest of my life. I wanted to make it to the top. I had fought and fought until I finally reached the top. Once I finally made it to the top I decided to settle down and begin on another journey, exploring the world. But another journey came about while I was in the midst of this one. While I was touring…

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  • Personal Narrative-My First Boxing Match

    My first ever boxing match Everyone has something they love to do more than anything else. We all have hobbies that we wouldn’t give up no matter what, simply because of the passion that thrives through our blood that pushes us to try our best to be the best. No matter what obstacles come in between what you love, we always figure out a way to get it done. My passion is boxing I enjoy everything about it and can’t imagine myself giving it up for anything. I’ve physically been apart of boxing…

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  • Essay About Wrestling

    community for wrestling is different from most that I have heard. It could be similar to most high school sports because every high school has their own way of saying things. This Community differs from other communities because if you have never heard a person who wrestles talk about it or have never wrestled yourself, it can get very confusing. Wrestling is different because most terms are not heard in every day language. The moves are different for every team, although every move has a…

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  • Different Types Of Wrestling Essay

    knowing you 're going to go out there and try and rip the other guy 's face off for 6 minutes straight and know he is trying to do the exact same thing to you. It is not a mindset most people have or are okay with having. It is something very few have. A very rare breed of person that is on the edge of psychotic, and is willing to push over that edge to reach a level of success and capabilities no one knew was possible. What are they called? This rare breed are called; Wrestlers. Wrestlers are…

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  • Why I Want To Be A President Essay

    my kids as they grow up and get that experience. I also would want someone to grow old with and keep me company when all the kids are out of the house. I also want to keep my family tree going. Sometime having a family can be really hard but it can be really fun to just spend time with your family and enjoy each other. I want to be known as a nice and cool guy when people talk about me. I know that life is going to be hard at times and you just have to go throw it. I might not do everything…

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  • Personal Narrative: Josh Childs In High School

    In 2011, I entered high school and made a lifelong friend I would like to tell you about, his name was Josh Childs. We met in my freshman year of high school and became closer over the years. We remained friends outside of school and continued to be friends even after I graduated. The bond Josh and I had developed been simple, he was very motivational! For example, Josh was an amazing two year wrestler when I joined the wrestling team my freshman year. It was a co-ed team, so Josh and I were…

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