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  • Apple And The FBI Analysis

    All Writs Act of 1789. Apple refuses to comply stating that if the back-door was to be produced and fell into the wrong hand the nations privacy rights would be out risk. While the issue seems to be very compartmentalized it has national implications. The Apple and FBI feud represents the larger conflict of the clash between the necessary and proper…

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  • Tim Cook's Argument Analysis

    Intro: In this essay I will give a brief overview of U.S Governments request to apple in conjunction with Tim Cook’s argument. Furthermore, I will provide my own opinion on the matter with support from the All Writs Act and the publics opinions, after reference to David Friedman about his views on privacy. Summary of Cook’s Argument: Tim Cook, Apple C.E.O has made a public announcement in regards to the U.S Government’s request to create an Apple Iphone “backdoor.” He expresses how important…

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  • Cyber Security Case Study

    He believes that if they can abuse the All Writs Act they will abuse this software they are asking to be made and if they can make other companies create the same thing then they will also abuse that. The All Writs Act is a 227 year old law that states “The Supreme Court and all courts established by Act of Congress may issue all writs necessary or appropriate in aid of their respective jurisdictions and agreeable to the usages and principles of law” which basically says that gives the Supreme…

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  • Henry I And Henry II: A Comparative Analysis

    Under Henry II, we begin to see prosecution at the suit of the crown. Henry II is responsible for this by beginning to sell writs to his subjects. By purchasing these writs, subjects could now have their cases heard in royal courts which would be heard by a jury, as a sheriff will call 12 men good and true to serve as this jury. (Greenberg, Lecture, Sept 20). So why is this is important? Say for instance, a vassal accuses his lord of stealing his land and his cattle, and with it, his…

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  • The Role Of Henry II's Involvement In English Law

    Huscroft has remarked that by 1217, English Law was no longer based simply on local custom and tradition but on firmly established principles and concepts and on regular and standard mechanisms for investigation, prosecution and trial. In terms of standardisation, the most prominent example of the creation of common procedures was the introduction of ‘writs’. Like the ‘justice in eyre’ system and many other legal institutions of the 12th century writs themselves were not a new invention…

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  • William Marbury: Circuit Court Case Study

    William Marbury was a judge appointed to a circuit court by the second president John Adams. John Adams lost the election to Thomas Jefferson, and decided to make a few more appointments on his way out of office. (Kelly, 2014) The state secretary at that time was James Madison. He was the individual commissioning appointments but decided against the order once Thomas Jefferson took office. William Marbury filed a lawsuit against James Madison on the grounds that he was violating section thirteen…

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  • How Did John Marshall Influence The Supreme Court?

    John Adams on the last day of his term. Marbury petitioned for the Supreme Court of the United States to issue a writ of mandamus to Thomas Jefferson’s Secretary of State, James Madison, to compel him to issue the commissions. Chief justice John Marshall concluded that William Marbury did have a right to the commission. The commission takes effect…

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  • Gunpowder Plot Analysis

    This act of Parliament, passed during the reign of King Charles II, strengthened the prerogative writ of habeas corpus which required a court to examine the lawfulness of a prisoner’s detention. Additionally, the act established procedures for issuing the writ and geographical conditions regarding where prisoners had to be brought before the courts. The Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 is important because it is, “an act for better securing the liberty of the subject, and for prevention of…

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  • Summary Of Lincoln And The Triumph Of The Nation

    He discussed how national courts and state courts handled cases that related to issues such as conscription, the writ of habeas corpus, political dissent, and underage soldiers. Neely looked over cases presented from both the federal and state courts, in which no consistent pattern of court rulings were found. Through the suspension of habeas corpus many of Lincoln’s supporters followed with his actions, however some began to turn on him when the suspension grew from not only war zones and…

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  • Essay On Exclusionary Rule

    The Constitution create legal guidelines for the nation to follow when the police force abuses their power. Combined with the Fourth and Fifth Amendment, the exclusionary rule ensures that all people are treated with the dignity and respect that defines out nation. Our nation has evolved much since the time of Writs of Assistance by learning about the importance of due process of law that keeps even the highest officials grounded. Despite the criticism that criminals are let off free, the…

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