Freestyle wrestling

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  • Greco-Roman Wrestling History

    The History of Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling Wrestling is a combative sport that uses grappling type maneuvers such as throws, takedowns, pins, joint locks, and other holds to ensure one competitor a victory . A wrestling bout is where two competitors compete in a physical competition who attempt to achieve and retain an more advantageous position. The military has also integrated wrestling techniques into their hand-to-hand combat systems as well as other martial arts.Wrestling is considered the oldest sport known to mankind; although there are multiple styles of wrestling the two that are performed in the Olympics are Freestyle and Greco-Roman. Just as they stay prostitution is the oldest profession known, Wrestling…

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  • Personal Narrative: Warrior Wrestling

    I never thought that I would ever end up being a Warrior Wrestler at Henry Sibley High School. It all started with one of my brothers wrestling for the High School. His head coach was close with my brother so he also knew me. He was and still is an social studies teacher at Heritage Middle school which is connected in the School district of 197. Every morning at Heritage he would see me and always call me by my brothers name and always bug me about wrestling and trying out for it. Over time of…

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  • Wrestlers In Letitia Baldrige's More Than Manners

    wouldn’t be a wrestling team. Wrestlers as a community are very close to each other because we bleed, sweat, laugh, starve, and win together. Since wrestling is an individual sport they motivate each other and are brutally honest they have a closer connection than most friends and other sports. Wrestlers are very close mentally and physically because wrestling is such a physical sport. They seem to be the closest because of the hand to hand combat wrestlers encounter, so it's okay for them…

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  • Informative Essay On Wrestling

    Wrestling is a sport well one person battles it out with another, you can basically call wrestling a street fight with rules. If your not ready for the fight ahead then maybe you go look for a different sport. I was not physically ready for this match. I got hurt pretty bad with a concussion and it did not feel good. My painful concussion happened at Mountain View High School almost a year ago. I was wrestling this kid named Kyle Rice, Kyle is a kid who has wrestled for so long and beat me…

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  • Personal Narrative: Kool-Aid Man's Komeback

    Kool-Aid Kronicles: Kool-Aid Man's Komeback All my life I had fought to be the top; I remember my first fight, against Moon man that’s when I finally figured out what I was gonna do for the rest of my life. I wanted to make it to the top. I had fought and fought until I finally reached the top. Once I finally made it to the top I decided to settle down and begin on another journey, exploring the world. But another journey came about while I was in the midst of this one. While I was touring…

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  • Personal Narrative-My First Boxing Match

    My first ever boxing match Everyone has something they love to do more than anything else. We all have hobbies that we wouldn’t give up no matter what, simply because of the passion that thrives through our blood that pushes us to try our best to be the best. No matter what obstacles come in between what you love, we always figure out a way to get it done. My passion is boxing I enjoy everything about it and can’t imagine myself giving it up for anything. I’ve physically been apart of boxing…

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  • Essay On Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    ground-fighting art. The Gracie fighter's objective is to avoid punches and kicks while attempting to clinch his opponent. Once in the clinch, the opponent's strikes are rendered ineffective. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter will then proceed to take the fight to the ground where his opponent's strikes will not have any power behind them. Taken out of his game, the striker is helpless, without the ability to use his stand-up skills. With the fact that 95% of all fights go to the ground, an…

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  • Essay About Wrestling

    community for wrestling is different from most that I have heard. It could be similar to most high school sports because every high school has their own way of saying things. This Community differs from other communities because if you have never heard a person who wrestles talk about it or have never wrestled yourself, it can get very confusing. Wrestling is different because most terms are not heard in every day language. The moves are different for every team, although every move has a…

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  • Different Types Of Wrestling Essay

    knowing you 're going to go out there and try and rip the other guy 's face off for 6 minutes straight and know he is trying to do the exact same thing to you. It is not a mindset most people have or are okay with having. It is something very few have. A very rare breed of person that is on the edge of psychotic, and is willing to push over that edge to reach a level of success and capabilities no one knew was possible. What are they called? This rare breed are called; Wrestlers. Wrestlers are…

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  • Why I Want To Be A President Essay

    my kids as they grow up and get that experience. I also would want someone to grow old with and keep me company when all the kids are out of the house. I also want to keep my family tree going. Sometime having a family can be really hard but it can be really fun to just spend time with your family and enjoy each other. I want to be known as a nice and cool guy when people talk about me. I know that life is going to be hard at times and you just have to go throw it. I might not do everything…

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