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  • Essay On Mixed Martial Arts

    Essay #3 Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest-growing sports on the market. The sport’s fan base is excited, dedicated, and extremely supportive. While sports such as football or baseball are far more well-known, mixed martial arts or MMA, as it often referred, is featured regularly on sports news stations, and magazines, such as ESPN. The biggest stars of the sport, such as Conor McGregor, are famous celebrities in their own right. However, there is no college feeder program for the sport, unlike every other major sport in the U.S. The reasons for making MMA a collegiate sport are as follows. First, for colleges, MMA would present an opportunity to make money off of the spectators of the sport. Fans would be willing to pay decent prices for tickets, bringing income to the school. Second, the popularity of the sport could attract prospective athletes and donors to the school and program. If a school became known as a sort of “breeding ground” for successful MMA fighters, it could attract talented fighters to attend the school, who could then donate back to the school and program. Finally, the rise of the sport means that colleges would be able to make use of another option to attract students. Some schools in the U.S. are able to attract students solely off of the performance of their sports teams. Other schools are able to attract students simply because they have those teams. Therefore, I would like to argue this: Due to the advantages of increased income for the…

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  • Research Paper On Mixed Martial Arts

    Mixed martial arts have a stigma both to its athletes and the sport. People view it as a blood sport and often compare it to gladiators fighting to the death. Back in the early nineties this was common among society, but today most people accept it as a sport just like boxing. However, there are still people, most likely the older generations, which view it as a blood sport, or two men rolling around on the ground. This type of view drives me nuts because today mixed martial arts is…

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  • Ultimate Fighting Championship Case Study

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the largest mixed martial arts company in the world featuring most of the top-ranked fighters in the sport. Based in the United States, the UFC produces events worldwide. The organization has nine weight divisions and abides by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. The UFC has held over 300 events, mostly in America with the exception of a handful around the world in the last couple of years. Dana White is the current president and spokesman of the…

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  • Rhonda Rousey Men's Fitness Analysis

    In a society where men are seen as the superior sex and gender, women are constantly put down when they break through the “glass ceiling” that men and society create. Women are expected to follow a certain look and physicality that will let them fit into society's “mold”. According to Devor, femininity is described by how a woman acts, looks, and portrays herself. However, there is one woman who disallows that from happening. Ronda Rousey, an American mixed martial artist and judoka, who…

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  • The Challenges Of Ronda Rousey's Most Dangerous Women

    “Everyone who fights Rousey knows what’s coming but no one has been able to defend it”, said Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) commentator Mike Goldberg when asked to critic Ronda Rousey’s strategy before every fight. At the age of 28, Rousey has in four years become the most dominant mixed-martial-arts (MMA) fighter in the sport’s history and was in fact recently named “the most dominant athlete alive,” beating out names like LeBron and Mayweather (“The World’s Most Dangerous Woman”). Ronda…

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  • Ivan Gomes Research Paper

    Ivan Gomes was born on the 25th of December, 1939 in Fazenda das Lajes, a ranch close to the town of Campina Grande, state of Paraíba – Brazil. Ivan Gomes’ father was a cowboy at the ranch, and it was expected of Ivan that he followed his dad’s footsteps; however, in 1954 Gomes met a martial arts coach nicknamed “Tatá” who introduced him and his two young brothers, Jose and Jaildo, to fighting. Coach “Tatá” taught boxing in Rio de Janeiro, prior to his arrival in the Northeast of Brazil. As he…

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  • Why I Love Brazin Jiu Jitsu Essay

    Why I Love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu For a very long time my interest had been in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). If you have probably never heard of BJJ before, let me explain what that mean. It does mean the most BJJ is part of a Martial Art base in ground fighting that developing environment and gradually excels their ability to use grappling.(1) My best friend, Mark Bermudez wanted me to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) cage fighters in 2010. Unlike WWE this is not staged fighting,…

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  • Essay On Pankration

    Pankration, The Forefather of MMA Athletics played an essential role in the ancient Greek world. The Ancient Olympic Games dates back to 776 BCE, but we have knowledge that athletic competition in ancient Greece had a long history prior to this date. The ancient Greek athletics was a quest for an individual’s excellence and fame, which the ancient Greeks called Arete. Because of this emphasis on the individual, sports in ancient Greece largely excluded team competitions. In this paper, I will be…

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  • Beth Fantaskey Research Paper

    never going to have this perfect Nancy Drew life. So I put my idea of a perfect life in my books. The protagonist of the story loves to read Nancy Drew Novels, like me.” Then fans wanted to know how the book came about. “Normally, I am a paranormal writer-or I was-but then when I tried to write my fourth book with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as a paranormal book, it just kind of fell flat for both my editor, Margaret Raymo, and me.”Is what she said to them. A third writer, by Elizabeth Bloom…

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  • Analysis: Relieving Tensions Through Unconventional Methods

    proved to be enjoyful and beneficial, but the soreness also proved to be a distraction, thus I opted to employ a different method for coping. Firstly, I will introduce Connor McGregor and his philosophy and how he copes with his situations. Next, I will report out the benefits of using Connor’s outlandish methods. Thirdly, I will explain what I discovered and what I learned throughout the experience. Lastly, I will conclude with a closing statement with my final thoughts on the matter.…

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