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  • High School Cheerleading Research Paper

    First time flyer I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I loved watching older cheerleaders do stunts, gymnastics and I also liked watching them support their team. At my elementary school, no one was allowed to play sports till you were in third grade. So after waiting five years, I finally got to try out for the cheerleading team. I expected I would be nervous and scared when I got to tryouts. That 's the complete opposite of how I felt. I was so excited to show everyone all the jumps I could do and how great my cartwheel was! The coaches taught us three different cheers that we had to try out with. I learned those much easier than some of the other girls did. After spending two days learning the cheers, it was finally time to show the judges what I had learned. When I stood in front of them as they told me which cheer to do, I just kept thinking to myself, "Remember to smile, make eye contact, and if I mess up just keep going." And that 's exactly what I did. Throughout the whole cheer I kept a big smile on my face, I made sure to look at…

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  • The Wright Brothers Wilber And Orville Wright's Inventions

    and can carry just about anything that is not attached to the ground. The creators of the first successful plane flight, as we all know well, are the Wright brothers, Wilber and Orville Wright. Their invention throughout time was revolutionized, even women, during this period, and took part in the inventing of flying. The brother’s success went from slow and steady glider planes to new and improved jets in an amount of 60 to 70 years. Planes are used for just about every possible transaction or…

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  • The Influence Of The Wright Brothers

    Throughout human history, people have dreamed of flying. Leonardo Da Vinci drew images of flying contraptions, the Montgolfier brothers invented the hot air balloon, and George Cayley invented the first glider. But, humanity had yet to achieve man-controlled flight until 1903. Two brothers, who developed their mechanical passions through a bicycle shop, opened up the world to a new realm of airborne possibilities. The Wright brothers were the first to make the dream of flight a reality. The…

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  • The Wright Brothers: Pioneers Of Flight

    The Wright Brothers Pioneers of Flight Inventors, determined, and famous are three words often used to describe the Wright Brothers. Many people know the Wright Brothers as great inventors of the airplane, but do not know the determination it took to accomplish greatness. By making it possible to fly, they changed the world, they persevered through challenges to accomplish a dream, and their legacy was being pioneers of flight and bringing airplanes and flying to the world. There was one very…

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  • The Wright Brothers: The Inventions That Shaped America

    David McCullough’s The Wright Brothers, is a detailed description of the process taken by the Wright brothers to develop, test, and fly the world’s first airplane. David is an award winning author who is dedicated to documenting the people, places and events that have shaped America. David believes that the Wright brothers were a major part of the development of America, and he is right. The Wright brothers had a major influence in the development of flying in America. The Wright brothers were…

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  • Airplane Design Research Paper

    In 1896, Otto Lilienthal of German origin was the Glider King after attempting over 2000 flights but sadly died after fracturing his neck from 50 feet downfall. At that same period in America, the Wright brother (Otto and Wilbur), successful business owner noticeably with their understanding of bicycles, began to look into Lilienthal work. On December 17th, 1903, they showed the world the very first motorized airplane with a 12s flight. Over the years, the mechanics of airplanes improved as well…

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  • Seeing Annie Dillard Analysis

    sensation is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, if you can conceive of such a combination. — Wilbur Wright: one of the first men to experience the sense of flying ~ ~ ~ Looking down, I see the fields of the Snohomish Valley. I see the twisting, glistening river as it flows out towards the sound. I see the roads lit with the reflections of the sun on the paint, the little toy cars driving themselves,…

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  • Why The Wright Brothers Invented The Airplanes

    By being a "good" inventor you have to design, plan, test, and make your invention perfect. Some scientists ultimately fail, but Orville and Wilbur Wright definitely didn't- they invented the first motor aircraft that we still use almost 100 years later! They were obviously good scientists! When the Wright brothers were building and testing their new airplane, they had people helping them throughout the process. At a time when the Wright brother's propeller shafts, the part of the airplane…

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  • What Is The Weakness Of Writing

    When I first realize I had a problem in writing, I was writing a community paper, my choice of words in my mind was great, but they were horrible when they were put in writing. I took the community flyer and pass them out in front of a school, and I remember a parent saying to another lady who in the world wrote this? This person right like they’re in the third grade, I was embarrassed and I knew there needed to be some changes in my writing. I stop passing out the flyer and went home. I went…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Wright Brothers And The Wright Brothers

    The Wright brothers had one heck of a life. They are two guys that will forever be remembered for their ideas and old techniques. They had a dream that they stuck with through all the failures and soon came to be the most used advance technology used today. Both of the brothers were drop outs who choose ideas over school. They made a huge impact on the world today and will always be the "fathers of aviation." If it was not for the brothers, the U.S. would be different. We might 've lost some…

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