Worst-case scenario

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  • Benefits Of Affordable Health Insurance

    include you in the application for a health insurance plan. However, if the person is not able to get on the parent’s plan, then he or she might be able to purchase a plan through the marketplace. The Catastrophic plan helps a person in the worst case scenarios and costs a low premium but a high deductible. Schools also provide health coverage for its students as well. Overall, young adults under 26 will typically fall under the coverage of their parent’s health plan. Health insurance is not…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Driver

    to myself that if I wasn’t the perfect driver, I would stroll on the road to failure. Without a doubt, having skills of an apprentice driver meant that my driving abilities were crummy. For this reason, I would always have concern about dangerous scenarios. And to emphasize, my anxiety would worsen when someone would ride in the car with me. Taking these factors in consideration made me realize that the first month with my license was a terrifying experience.…

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  • Risk Management: A Case Study

    a) An iterative process An iterative process in the scope of risk management is an overarching assessment process (Larson & Gray, 2011, p. 234). The risk identification and mitigation processes assess threats and vulnerabilities to success throughout the project’s lifecycle (Larson & Gray, 2011, p. 234). When risk triggers and event takes place, teams enact risk management processes and corrective actions to bring the project back into alignment. Additionally, project teams apply change control…

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  • The Existence Of Hell In Paradise Lost By John Milton

    be far away from us. It is described as a region far-off from God and heaven where you cannot find anything but despair. Other than the meaning of a supernatural zone, hell can be regarded as a state with a terrible living standard or a horrific scenario. Living in a materialistic world like Hong Kong, we rarely worry about basic living conditions. Perhaps part of us are dissatisfied with the life we have…

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  • Jet-A Case Study

    Concord Regional Airport (CRA) is a small hub airport in the city of Concord. As of 2015, Allegiant Air is the only commercial airline has flights scheduled to and from CRA. Since the number of flights has been increased from twice a week to a total of six weekly departures, there is a significant impact arises from increasing flight frequency. One of the risk exposures was aircraft emits toxic gases into the atmosphere that creates climate changes and contributes to the pollution of the air and…

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  • Denver Furniture Corporation Case Summary

    the company's current position, the best course of action can be aimed at. Following data is given from the proposals and on the current state of the company. The data given of the proposal with the effect cannibalization represents a sort-of worst-case scenario. With the above data, we can calculate the return on assets ratio, the asset turnover ratio, and the profit margin. The return on assets ratio presents a picture of the profitability of the company by giving the number of dollars made in…

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  • Kant's Duty

    you personally use. You determine that you could continue using the same amount of water, if collectively all of your other roommates succeed in their water conservation efforts in order to bring the total of the water bill down. If worse comes to worst, one of your roommates, Pat, is known for being wasteful, and realize that even if you and your roommates get evicted the blame will most…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The School Nurse

    Scraping your knee on the sidewalk, getting hit hard with the basketball, falling off the monkey bars, these are just a few examples of ways you can get hurt at school. The worst case scenario is you would end up going to the school nurse as a result of an accident. Before first grade, suffering an injury was way out of the norm for me. The only time I got hurt in first grade, I bypassed the school nurse and went straight to the hospital. It was a scalding August afternoon, and I just finished…

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  • Case Study Of Jane's Dilemmas

    We are our choices. This quote by Jean-Paul Sartre directly applies to the situation Jane finds herself in. Are following rules and ethics important if it comes to the detriment of others? In the case study Phantom Expenses Jane is faced with this dilemma. Should she allow coworkers to continue their illegal practices or should Jane not cooperate and report actual expenses? Either choice seems like a lose-lose. In these types of situations it’s always easier to think about short term consequence…

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  • Kate Chopin The Storm Analysis

    happened disturbed me in a deeply. Secrets find their way of exposing themselves when we least expect it, it’s almost unavoidable. Do to the fact that this story takes place during the time where women had started to get their rights, in the worst case scenario a divorce would happen. Back then Calixta’s husband wasn’t legally required to give her any sort of after spousal maintenance; she would end up with nothing left. Alecée on the other hand would just end up losing his wife, who is already…

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