Essay On Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Addiction

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Addiction: one’s inability to control the need/use of a substance in which they soon become reliant on. In Robert Louis Stevenson's’ book The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it shows an outside perspective on how addiction affects others and the duality of good and evil. Addiction is a hard thing for someone to come to terms with and realize it is evident in their own life, it affects others more than one can think. There are 4 stages of addiction, Drug Experimentation, Regular Use, Problem use/Risky Use and Addiction (Chemical Dependency). In the book Dr. Jekyll experiences all of these, in the beginning of his story he says, “But the temptations of a last overcame my suggestions or alarm...I purchased at once,...a …show more content…
The people who are closest to you are also affected about how you made the good you and the evil you. Hyde was a mean man and Utterson saw “sawbones turned stick and white with the desire to kill [Hyde]” (3). There was such an evil feeling around Hyde that Utterson wanted to kill him and had an urge he couldn’t even control. When Joe was drunk he was such a hazard to everyone that every time we saw him we just got so angry and wanted him to stop. But sometimes you have to collect yourself and remember who they were and how much you loved them.
Addiction is something that the person suffering must handle themselves to get out of the rut they’ve put themselves into. In Robert Louis Stevenson's’ book The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it shows that someone can make their own choices, but they sometimes need to be cautious of the choices they made to start the process. It shows that it only needs some thought, wants and urges to become an evil version of yourself, that you have little control over. You are brought back to basic instincts to do what your urges tell you. Not all urges are good

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