Martha Millison And Cecilia Clients

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For the interview process, the two people that I interviewed were Martha Millison and Cecilia Rivas. Martha Millison is a school counselor at Green-Wood Charter School in Philadelphia and Cecilia Rivas is a CUA chief management supervisor. When both Martha and Cecilia came and spoke to our class, I was so intrigued by what they said that I wanted to know more about their work field. I especially found Martha job interesting because she works in a school setting and that’s where I want to work. I really enjoyed interviewing these two women because when I finish college I want to work with children and both Martha and Cecilia work with children in different ways.
The first person I interviewed was Cecilia Rivas, and I had a phone interview
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Most of her clients were taken out of their homes because of physical/mental abuse, domestic abuse, neglect from parents, drug abuse, lack of parenting knowledge, and poverty. She told me the main reason clients come in is neglect and lack of parenting knowledge. What really brings her clients in is a hotline report, whether it is a teacher, neighbor worry or having concerns about a kid. Martha’s clients were in a way similar to Cecilia, her clients are both children and parents. The age range for children is kindergarten to eighth grade. The main reason why her clients come to her is because there is a conflict between kids. There are issues with friendships, parents going through a divorce, having a death in the family, or depression. Having a lot of home issues and children with emotional problems. Her clients would just come to her on their own or a parent or teacher would call her and tell her that their child needs to see …show more content…
She did go through additional training for her job. In the CUA there is a ten-week full-time training from nine to five. She told me that it is basically DHS training for ten weeks. Martha Millison educational background was she has her Bachelors in education and she has a dual master’s degree in public health and social work and her post-masters was in school counseling. She received a certificate for that. She told me that she did not have any additional training other than her degrees, but she told me she has been to many workshops for her work and she has been to a lot of training

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